What is HR Analytics Software? 

HR Analytics Software, or People analytics software, is a tool used by HR professionals to collect, analyze, and interpret data related to HR functions in a company. This tool gives them the ability to understand how their efforts are helping the business grow and what they can do to improve the same. 

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7 Top Benefits of HR Analytics Software

Improves Retention

People Analytics Platform helps you uncover the trends related to your Employee turnover rates. If they are high, it might point you to reasons such as lack of proper compensation or career growth opportunities. If they are low or at moderate levels when compared to previous years' data, it allows you to channelize your efforts towards the initiatives that have been responsible for the lower rates.

Improves Employee Performance

Analytics help with an understanding of the performance patterns of individuals, teams, and departments. The HR team along with the help of the managers and team leads can analyze the data and work on improving employee performance.

Help find the Best Talent

Another important area where Analytics serves one well is in Recruitment. Analytics can give a clear picture of why candidates drop off and how many candidates turn into hires. It helps understand which part of the hiring stage needs to be revisited to improve candidate experience. It also helps you avoid the people who will not work for your organization, compare your turnover employees and your not working candidates, it will help you find a pattern and understand the people you can work with.

Help Maintain a Diverse Workforce

Analytics help you understand the composition of employees in your organization. Are you a  diverse organization? Is your company losing out on giving opportunities to minorities unconsciously? Analytics will help you identify dark spots like these on time and help fix them.

Improves the Efficiency of the Organization

With Analytics, you can easily identify the areas in which your organization can do well. Be it hiring, or retention, or culture, you will have authentic data to point you in the right direction. 

Helps plan finances better

Analytics help you understand where your money is coming from and how it’s getting spent. You can invest in the right places and cut expenses where need be. With the first-row picture of your finances, you can manage it well and also make more. 

Saves time 

Using HR analytics software reduces the need for manual data entry and search by automatically generating reports based on the exisiting numbers. This enables you to spend more time on tasks that really require your attention. 

Why is Freshteam the right choice for you? 

Do you want to know more about Freshteam’s HR Analytics Software before trying it? Well, prepare to be blown away.

Automated, real-time analytics 

Unlike other HR Analytics software where you have to input data, give conditions and parameters to get the desired results, Freshteam gives you all you need to run a company automatically. With 13 curated reports that range from Candidate Hiring, Talent Pool, Interviews to Time-Off Requests, Employee Absence, Employee Turnover, and Retention Freshteam becomes your one-stop solution for all HR needs. Run your company on it and analyze everything without moving a finger.

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Endless custom reports, just for you

Is your HR department a highly driven team that would crunch numbers in different ways to help build your company? Well, Freshteam enables them to do more. Create as many reports as you want with any data and represent them in any way you like. Freshteam HR Analytics comes with customizable widgets, charts, bar graphs, and more amazing features that let curious folks make the most out of data. 

hr-analytics-software - Candidate status reports hr-analytics-software - Candidate status reports
Easy to schedule and share

Data Analytics is nothing if you cannot share it across teams, counter-analyze it, and come up with interesting findings. Downloading a report every month and sending it to all the stakeholders is a mundane task that no HR should waste time on. Therefore, Freshteam has the option where you can schedule to send reports at regular intervals to the respective stakeholders. 

No mess, no hassle.

hr-analytics-software- Scheduled reports hr-analytics-software- Scheduled reports
Secure your reports 

We understand organizations cannot share everything with all their stakeholders. Some need to access some information and some don't. We have security on top of our minds with the HR Analytics Software. You can choose who the viewer(s) of your reports would be while creating them. It is as simple as that to be secured with Freshteam. 

hr-analytics-software - Secured reporting hr-analytics-software - Secured reporting

What more does Freshteam have to offer?

Applicant Tracking

If you can handle your recruitment in one place, you can analyze it from the same place too -with Freshteam. We offer Recruitment solutions along with Analytics, enabling you to find the best talent in one place.

Know more about Freshteam ATS.

Time-Off Management 

Employee Time-Off Management is never easy without the right tools by your side. With Freshteam, you would have access to a range of features including Policies, Holiday Calendars, Workweeks. In short, all you need in a Time Off Management + Analytics software is here. 

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Employee Information Management

Store, collect, and manage Employee Information using Freshteam with its self-service feature as a bonus. All this information is automatically analyzed for you as well. 

Know more about Freshteam HRIS.


What is HR analytics?

HR analytics, also known as people analytics, is the data-driven approach to managing your workforce by analyzing key numbers related to your human capital to maximize the efficiency with which your organization works. By looking at these reports, it becomes easier to understand where your people processes need improvement and where it's working—and take action accordingly. 

What are the trends measured by HR analytics software?

Some of the trends measured by HR analytics software include HR reports like employee productivity, candidate rejection rate, employee absenteeism rate, job posting ROI, and much more. The data helps your HR team know which job board is bringing them the best candidates, at what stage does employee turnover become more likely as per past trends, the top reason for candidates rejecting the job offers, how productive employees are—and the list goes on. Your HR team can then decide their budget requirements, adjust spending, improve their processes and provide better results consistently. 

They love us. You will too.