What is HR reporting software? 

Studies show that HR folks spend an average of 18 hours in their 40-hour workweek on reporting - pulling data from various sources and creating spreadsheets. It is a no-brainer that this is a complete waste of time. There are many other essential aspects an HR can take care of, like a better Onboarding Plan or Recruitment plan which will improve the numbers, instead of pulling the data. 

This is precisely why you should invest in HR Reporting software. An HR reporting software is a one-stop platform to give you actionable data around HR operations. With an HR reporting system, you can generate reports on various aspects of your people profiles, recruitment operations, employee availability and time off, and much more. 

Like Freshteam. Freshteam HR Reports is a powerful tool that comes packed with features carefully designed to simplify the life of an HR. 

Why should you choose Freshteam HR reporting software?

Curated Reports, waiting for you from Day 1

Freshteam comes with 7 curated reports - Candidate Pipeline, Offers and Hires, Interviews, Candidate Sourcing, Job Postings, Talent Pool, and Rejected Candidates. 

This means you have 7 crucial recruitment metrics already curated for you to analyze whenever you want. 

  • Understand at which stage candidates are spending the most time on.

  • Get a quick glance at all the offers rolled out in a specific time period.

  • Dig deep into how your interview process is, and learn why and at which stage are most candidates being rejected. 

  • Know where your candidates are coming from to understand which source to build, double down and eliminate. 

All of this, with no setup or configuration, makes Freshteam one the easiest to use HR reporting tools. 

screenshot 2020 10 20 at 4 14 21 pm screenshot 2020 10 20 at 4 14 21 pm

Create Custom Reports and Widgets, in a click.  

Apart from the 7 curated reports, Freshteam gives you the option to create reports of your own. With endless filters, unique widgets and charts, you can create custom reports that serve all your purposes faster and smarter than any excel sheet. 

Have a particular job you want to track and analyze? No worries, simply create a custom report in Freshteam with our smart widgets and processes, and you are good to go. 

Bonus: Waste no time creating presentations. You can present them to your team, directly from Freshteam using the Presentation option.

screenshot 2020 10 20 at 4 21 01 pm screenshot 2020 10 20 at 4 21 01 pm

Schedule Reports, anytime you want. 

“15th of every month, I need to report on the time-off trends across the company, got it?” 

Sounds familiar? There are certain numbers that have to be measured and reported to maintain the sanity of your company. Be it Time Off Requests or the Number of Employees who exited the company, these are reliable numbers that have to be sent to many people to help them make the right decisions. The last thing anyone wants is a simple human error of not sending out the report on time.

This is exactly why Freshteam built reports with the option to “Schedule Export of Reports”. Choose who to send to, when and the time interval at which a particular report has to be scheduled and Freshteam will send the Report on that day, every month/week/year without fail. 

Bonus: You can also compose the email along with the report + you can choose the format of the report, PDF, or CSV file of the graph or table, your choice.

screenshot 2020 10 20 at 4 32 57 pm screenshot 2020 10 20 at 4 32 57 pm

Keep your Reports Secured

Not all numbers are for everyone, we get that. Edit the visibility of your reports as you create them. Create a private or shared report based on your requirement. 

Security is important, and Freshteam gives you exactly that. You can always schedule a private report to be sent to respective stakeholders with the Schedule option.

screenshot 2020 10 20 at 4 38 30 pm screenshot 2020 10 20 at 4 38 30 pm

What else does Freshteam have to offer you? 

Applicant Tracking System  

From sourcing candidates to rolling out offers, Freshteam ATS covers all your recruitment needs including assessment tools, interview scheduling, talent pool, etc., 

Time Off 

Create policies, manage time-off requests, and holiday calendars across geographies with Freshteam. 

Employee Information System 

Store all employee information, secure them in a digital vault, enable employee self-service to be up to date. 

Onboarding and Offboarding 

Engage with your new hires proactively and give them a seamless digital onboarding experience free of paperwork and dullness using Freshteam. Continue the extraordinary employee experience until the end with Freshteam Offboarding. 

Mobile App 

The Mobile app of Freshteam comes with all the game-changing features of the web app like Apply Timeoff, Give Interview Feedback, etc., making you powerful on the go. 

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