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 What is an HRIS?

An HRIS is a human resource information system software that holds the database of an organization’s employees. An HRIS helps to track and analyze different employee information such as payroll, performance, leave management and other basic attributes of your employees, former employees, and applicants. The purpose of a human resource information system software is to automate the HR workflow by allowing HR analysis which is the basis of HR planning and business decision making. Essentially, an HRIS software serves as a database from where you can retrieve your employees' information legally.

Benefits of HRIS System

Go anti-spreadsheet

Bid goodbye to spreadsheets and costly human errors. Establish control by providing role-specific access to your users.

Streamline your employee data

 With Freshteam's automation capabilities you can instantly view and manage employee data. No more paper clutters!

Unified Employee Management

Freshteam's HRIS lets you do everything from scheduling interviews to offboarding. All in one place.

Capture and Customize employee information

With HRIS system in place, make information submission a breeze. An easy drag and drop form builder ensures that you’ll be able to customize the form to suit your needs. With a good HRIS software like Freshteam, you can scope the form fields and make them available only for certain teams or offices. For example, a ‘sales commission’ field can be made visible only to employees in business development and not to anyone else.


HRIS to store HR documents for better access

No more wasting time looking in your Google Drive, email, Downloads, kitchen sink or Recycle Bin for documents. Collect and store employee documents inside the document vault in each employee’s profile, inside Freshteam. You can configure the employee onboarding workflow to collect these documents from new employees when they join your company. This can later be accessed through the self-service portal by the employee and any other stakeholder who may need that.


HR analytics to gain better insights


Make data-driven decisions to attract, manage and retain employees.  Learn how much time you take to hire a candidate,  where your applications come from, who are your best interviewers and do more with Freshteam,  the most affordable HRIS.


HRIS with self-service portal

Keep your online HRIS software less rudimentary and more error-free. Let your employees apply time-off, manage their tasks and upload their documents when necessary. After all, it's their database and they can't go wrong with their own details. This also means fewer headaches for your recruiters.

Reinforcing HRIS Software with other major features

ATS for recruitment

Everything you need to track, analyze and manage your candidates.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Bid goodbye to tedious paper forms and automate your hiring workflow.


Time-off Management

Simple yet powerful leave management software that your team will love.

They love us. You will too.