All Features HRIS

The single source of truth for all your employee data

Customisable employee fields

All the flexibility you need to organise and manage employee data.

Document vault for every employee

Exclusive and secure storage for all your employee documents.

Org chart and employee directory

Org chart and employee search to understand your entire company.

Capture all the information you need

Make information submission a breeze, with Freshteam. A easy drag and drop form builder ensures that you’ll be able to customise the form to suit your needs. The best part? You can scope the form fields and make them available only for certain teams or offices. For example, a ‘sales commission’ field can be made visible only to employees in business development and not to anyone else.


Store employee documents in an easily accessible manner

No more wasting time looking in your Google Drive, email, Downloads, kitchen sink or Recycle Bin for documents. Collect and store employee documents inside the document vault in each employee’s profile, inside Freshteam. You can configure the employee onboarding workflow to collect these documents from new employees when they join your company. This can later be accessed through the self-service portal by the employee and any other stakeholder who may need that.

Store employee documents in an accessible manner

Who’s who of your office, accessible in seconds

Use Freshteam’s Org chart to clearly map out your office’s hierarchy. Who reports to whom, what team are they a part of, how can they be contacted - Freshteam’s employee directory makes sure that no team member wastes time trying to figure out who they should reach out to for what.

Who's who of office

They love us. You will too.