Employee Self Service

Get your employees to help you increase productivity. 

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freshteam icons employee self service freshteam icons employee self service
Personal Profiles

Each employee gets a personal account in your Freshteam account where you can assign roles for them and many other functions.

Easy to set up permissions

Decide who can view or edit information about your employees, specific to every information.


Employees can attach documents, provide data and information reducing errors and work on your HR folks.

Org Charts

Automatically generated Organizational Charts to help you with structure and information.

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freshteam icons org chartsvg freshteam icons org chartsvg
Automatic Updates

Spare time in creating org charts, Freshteam will do it for you automatically.

Helpful Information

Not just a hierarchical structure, Freshteam Org Charts can also give you useful information like Email and Phone Number.

One glance to know all

A UI where you can get to know everything in one glance.

Document Management

Collect, Store and Manage Employee and Org Documents securely.

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freshteam icons document vault freshteam icons document vault
Collect with Choice

Choose what you collect from your employees, create customized forms with our 20+ pre-defined fields.


Make sure to not share information with people you don’t want to by determining the visibility and editing controls of your documents.

Employee Self-service

Need documents from your employees? Quit running behind them, get Freshteam where they can upload on their own.

They love us, you will too.