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What is interview scheduling software?

An interview scheduling software streamlines the entire interviewing process and brings order back into chaotic workdays. It’s the one place from which you take over the entire interview process - scheduling candidate interviews, communicating, feedback gathering, decision making, and every other bit in the hiring process.

Freshteam is HR software with perfect interview scheduling tools for any growing business. Interviews can be insane at multiple levels - No shows, hanging email threads, long-distance candidates, multiple interviews, panel-style interviews,  and the list goes on. The one sure shot is reliable scheduling software.

Four points to keep in mind while scheduling interviews

optimizing-your-interview-scheduling-process optimizing-your-interview-scheduling-process

Scheduling interviews in Freshteam

Schedule interviews

Assess candidates by scheduling interviews with panel members in your application tracking system. You can schedule as many interviews as you like with each candidate. Even as you schedule interviews, you can check the interviewer’s availability through a Calendar sync and make sure there are no clashes. The best part? You can notify the candidate of the interview, from the same screen, with just another click.

schedule interviews schedule interviews

Collect feedback online

Say goodbye to physical debriefings and gather interview feedback from the hiring team, online. This way, you don’t have to waste time trying to get everyone in the same room to  agree on a decision. Another advantage is that you can collect specific, structured feedback from interviewers and not have just open-ended impressions to act on, in your applicant tracking system.

360 2 360 2

Make and manage offers

Upload offer letter templates and generate offers, right from your applicant tracking system.You can also customise offer fields to make sure to capture all the necessary information. Candidate decisions- yay or nay - can be recorded in Freshteam as well for complete context regarding a candidate's interaction with a company.

make offers scr make offers scr

Why choose Freshteam over others?

Answer: For its killer Autopilot.
There are one hundred reasons why you should choose Freshteam. But just one top reason: A Killer Autopilot. The automations in Freshteam slice off up to 70% of repetitive tasks and free you up for more strategic areas. Here are some examples of automations you can set up:

Advance or reject candidates based on information in the application form such as willingness to relocate to a new place, type of visa a person holds, skill, experience, certifications etc.

Advance candidates based on source. For example, if you want candidates coming from LinkedIn to be advanced directly to stage 2, you can just tell the automation that.

Send out a pre-assessment test when a candidate reaches a certain interview stage. Example, when a candidate reaches the technical round, the automation will send him/her a HackerRank test.

Auto-schedule reminders at a desired time to remind candidates and panel members of upcoming interviews, or remind panel members to submit feedback, etc.

Send out a pre-assessment test when a candidate reaches a certain interview stage. Example, when a candidate reaches the technical round, the automation will send him/her a HackerRank test.

Freshteam HR software - The full picture

Besides being an impeccable Applicant tracking software, Freshteam also offers time off and employee database management capabilities.

New hire onboarding

Everything you need to proactively start onboarding your new hires  as soon as they sign offers. 

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Time off management

Enforce time off policies and keep track of all paid employee time off on an easy-to-trust software.

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Employee database 

Record keeping can’t be any easier - Employee profiles, org charts, self service portals and more.

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