All Features ATS Listener

Don’t limit your sourcing channels

Don’t limit your candidate sourcing to just the integrations available on your ATS. With Freshteam’s Listener, you can seamlessly source from any channel you wish. Listener listens to your emails from whitelisted email channels like job boards and vendors for candidate applications, and adds their applications directly to your ATS.

Parse resumes to make data driven decisions

Screening hundreds of candidate applications across job roles to find the right candidate is a tedious task for recruiters. But not anymore. Freshteam parses resumes to add the extracted information to your candidate profiles. Now, you can use this data to filter candidates better to see who fits your bill best.

Get more work done at one shot

Tick off check boxes on your to-do list quicker than before. Whether it is sending emails, archiving candidates to the talent pool or tagging multiple profiles, bulk actions can help you get it done. You simply select multiple candidates and carry out a single action. Also helping you get more work done with minimal effort is workflow automations. You can advance candidates to the next level, archive them to talent pool and send tests by setting up your autopilot to do it for you.