By Merging candidate profiles in Freshteam, you can

  • Declutter your hiring pipeline by removing duplicate candidates.
    By identifying and merging similar candidates (sometimes even at the source!), you clear up your hiring pipeline paving the way for a smoother hiring process. 

  • Eliminate manual labor for recruiters
    Freshteam will inform the recruiters about similar profiles. All they need to do is identify the duplicate profile and merge it with the main profile.  

  • Focus on providing an excellent candidate experience
    We let you know that John Doe and John D are the same since they have the same email address. All you need to do is merge’ em! They no longer receive multiple emails from your company, providing a great candidate experience.

  • Derive insights from reliable sourcing metrics
    Duplicate detection will let you know if there are similar profiles, thereby giving your error-free, reliable sourcing data.

merge candidates in freshteam merge candidates in freshteam

How do you merge candidates in Freshteam?

Freshteam will list out similar profiles for you. These matches will based on the name, phone number, or the email address of the candidate

Identify the matching profile from the list and select the primary profile

Click Merge!

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