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Be in the Know, Always.

Continue to be on loop with work even when you are away from your desk, enable notifications and never miss an update, ever again. 

Be a Hiring Superstar, on the go. 

Email candidates, submit feedback, get complete context on a candidate or the interview process, advance candidates through stages, and do so much more in a few taps. 

Be connected, even when you are


Stuck with an urgency? Not sure who to contact or how? Employee Record helps you find your colleagues and gives you multiple ways to contact them. 

Android or iOS, we are everywhere. Download Now.


Do more with the Freshteam Mobile App

Uninterrupted Collaboration

No matter where you are or what you are doing the Freshteam mobile app lets you quickly touch base with your team making sure nothing is stuck waiting on you, and the team stays a team.

Manage time-off from anywhere

With the Freshteam Mobile App, you can apply, approve or decline time-off right then and there, keep no one waiting.

Plan your vacation with ease

Big summer vacation or an impromptu getaway, plan them in advance or on the go by simply checking out the holiday calendar. 

Know your company tree

View the inbuilt organizational charts to understand your company’s structure better right from the Freshteam Mobile app. 

Plan your day before it begins

Get a quick check on who’s in and out for the day to plan your work around it with the Team calendar.