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What is an offer management software?

An offer management software helps you streamline the whole offer management process - everything in between drafting an offer and hiring a head-turner. This includes, managing various offer letter templates for different positions, getting the right people to approve it, making sure the offers are rolled out on time, and keeping track of how your offers fare out there in the world.

Benefits of using an offer management system


Create customized offer letters

You can upload offer letter templates to Freshteam and add custom fields to your templates. The minute you are convinced about your star candidate, you can generate an offer letter in a few clicks and roll it out to them. Just like that. Click. Click. Click.

Offer letter templates - Offer management Offer letter templates - Offer management

Set offer approval workflows in motion

Whether you want your offers approved on their way or not is up to you. Freshteam has provision for both. With the offer approval workflows, you can add your choice of approval stages, and any number of approvers at each stage. You can either have all approvers approve it or have at least one of them approve it at each stage.

Offer letter approval - Offer management automation Offer letter approval - Offer management automation

Be smooth and quick with e signatures

Freshteam integrates with SignEasy to offer a seamless document signing process with e-signatures. No pain of downloads and uploads for your candidates. Also, no joy of paper and ink. But you’ll have a document turned around 10 times faster than it would otherwise take.

e-signing offer letters - Cloud-based offer management e-signing offer letters - Cloud-based offer management

Find out why candidates refuse offers

The offer management software helps you keep track of why candidates turned down offers. This helps you see trends, adverse ones. For example, if you see that a lot of candidates are turning down offers because of their unwillingness to relocate, then maybe it’s time to revisit your relocation bonus or benefits and perks that would come with it.

Offer management reporting system - Offer letter tracking Offer management reporting system - Offer letter tracking

Why use Freshteam's offer management tool?

Smooth and seamless UI

No matter how capable a software is, it’s only as good as how well it anticipates or understands it’s user. Freshteam makes that it’s number one priority.

Starts of with a free trial

You can take Freshteam for a deep test drive before you buy. 21 full days, and no strings attached. If that’s a lot of time, feel free to schedule for one of our expert demos.

More in Freshteam

Applicant tracking

Freshteam handles the entire applicant tracking process - everything in between a job req from a hiring manager and an offer letter sent out to a candidate.

Employee Onboarding 

Forms to fill, documents to sign, quick team introductions and a fine-tuned to-do list for the first few weeks in the company - you can handle them all on Freshteam employee onboarding software.

Time off management 

Custom leave policies, holiday calendars, work weeks, team leave trends, workflows and anything else you need to keep track of all paid time off management in a single place.



What is an offer letter software?

Offer letter software is a tool that enables companies to digitally schedule and send out offer letters to selected candidates with just a click. Offer letter software helps you reduce your candidate drop-off rate by making the process faster, and enables you to attach related documents and policies along with the offer letter, as well as track the offers and their status from a single dashboard.


What is offer management?

Offer management in recruitment is the dedicated platform that helps the HR team streamline its entire offer management process—from drafting the offer letter to hiring the right candidate. Offer management software helps make this process much faster and more efficient with in-built offer letter templates for different designations and positions, automated approval workflows, and SLAs to make sure the offers get rolled out quicker, and to keep track of how many candidates accept or reject your offer—this helps analyze if your offer is up to industry standards or should be benchmarked. 


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