Onboarding checklists and tasks are an important part of having an uninterrupted onboarding process. There are a lot of stakeholders involved in onboarding a new hire. The HR managers need to welcome the new hire, the IT team has to make sure to give all the necessary assets. 

The onboarding team has to get the new hire into the company and their team smoothly by collaborating with the new hire’s manager. With a right Onboarding Software you can do all this by keeping tabs on the respective teams and stakeholders. Freshteam offers exactly that along with other employee onboarding superpowers. Here's a quick way to check if Freshteam is the right onboarding software for you.

There’s more in Freshteam

Dedicated Support

Once you are part of Freshteam, you are all taken care of, from signing up to solving every doubt of yours, our support team will always be there, with a smile.


From Job Boards, Calendars, Emails to Online Tests and Communication tools, Freshteam comes with 10+ integrations.


Freshteam also has a dedicated offboarding module where you can create tasks, re-assign exiting employee tasks and terminate employees smoothly. 

Freshteam's Onboarding Checklists gives you, 

Multiple Checklists for Multiple Purposes

No company can go with a one size fits all policy, we know that. This is why you have the option to create an endless number of checklists based on the stakeholders or product or manager or date of joining. You can also make the checklists prior to primary and ensure they are finished.

screenshot 2020 03 18 at 6 46 59 pm screenshot 2020 03 18 at 6 46 59 pm

Keep everyone required on loop

You can create multiple sections with various tasks under a checklist and assign concerned team members to ensure the completion of the task. It can be the responsibility of the reporting manager or the IT Team or the Joining Employee, choose who has to get it done and leave the rest aside.

screenshot 2020 03 18 at 7 03 42 pm screenshot 2020 03 18 at 7 03 42 pm

Get status of checklists from one place

If its herculean to create tasks, its more than that to check if it's all done. With Freshteam you can get a bird’s eye view of all new hire’s onboarding checklist stage and take actions based on it from there only: either add as an employee or send reminders to finish the tasks.

screenshot 2020 03 18 at 7 06 33 pm screenshot 2020 03 18 at 7 06 33 pm

Other features of Freshteam

Applicant Tracking System

Hire great talents with the help of the right tools with Freshteam ATS. With all the mundane tasks taken care of, your recruiting team can fully focus on finding the right talent.

Timeoff Management

A fully transparent, easy to setup Timeoff Management system is what you get with Freshteam. It also comes with a mobile app, making it easy for your employees.

Human Resources Information System

Know everything about your employees and store the information in the most secure way possible. We also have org charts that give who’s who of the organization and helps your employees to collaborate better.

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