All Features HRIS Org Chart

Why Freshteam is your Org Chart Software?

Why sit and create organizational charts when you can get them automatically made as and when you change your employee’s position in the organization? Freshteam is a wholesome HRIS software that gives you an excellent employee database with org charts that are powerful as any org charts software out there. 

Do not buy 4 software for your HR needs and break your heads integrating them, move to Freshteam now and get the power of multiple software at the price of one software.

Unique perks of having Freshteam.

Escape from Sheets

Let’s face it, sheets cannot make you productive, they are difficult to manage, maintain and are very prone to human errors. Get Freshteam and forget about challenges.

Quick Setup

Freshteam is simple and smart, we are here to help you make your tasks easier, so definitely setting up Freshteam will not become one for you.

Mobile App

We have a stand-alone mobile app for both Android and iOS which gives you the ability to take all your action everywhere you go.

Freshteam’s Organizational Charts.

Automatic Updates.

Freshteam Org charts mean no pain and all gain. With Freshteam, you get an intelligent employee database where when you add an employee and update their Reporting Manager and role, etc.; we automatically add them as part of the Org Tree under the respective position.

An Org chart that helps.

Freshteam org chart not only gives you the position of an employee but also gives you important information like email and phone number to perform quick actions. Found the person you were looking for? Don’t wait to reach out, ping right away from your org chart.

Know everything in one glance.

Understand hierarchy, the right communication way and everything about placing resources in your organization at one glance from your Organizational Chart. It is intuitive and gives you employee information extensively.

Other features of Freshteam.

Applicant Tracking System

Make hiring easy for your recruitment team with Freshteam ATS. Our ATS gives you the ability to automate complicated HR processes and make finding great talents the main priority for your team.

Timeoff Management

Set up multiple policies and clear approval workflows to make Time-off management transparent and error free in your organization.


Long gone are the days when onboarding was all about filling forms and signing documents. Give your company the much-needed upgrade in the onboarding culture by going online with Freshteam.

They love us, you will too.