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A single point of reference for the entire organization

Employee Database

You can simply add employees to Freshteam, or swiftly bulk import employee profiles/information through CSVs to build your employee database. The central database becomes the one place in which you manage all the vital employee information from something as simple as a contact to something as sensitive as compensations.

Org charts

Freshteam automatically generates organizational charts using the reporting relationships in the employee database.Your employees can refer to the latest version of the organizational charts as and when you update it. There’ll be no more running around to find out who’s who.

Onboarding new hires, made easy

Powerful Employee Search

Just type in anything about the employee in the search bar - employee ID, designation, first name, just anything, and Freshteam will fetch them for you.

Flexible custom fields

Every organization has different needs. That’s why Freshteam gives you the flexibility to choose what employee information you want to collect and store.

Control who makes changes

You can manage who views/edits employee information fields. For e.g, give your HR the edit access to salary fields while others can only view it.

Mobile App

The Freshteam mobile app enables your employees to look up a colleague’s details even when they are on the go.

Keep data as long as you please

When employees move on from your company, you can continue to save their info in freshteam for future use. You will not be charged for the same.

Free for up to 50 employees

Freshteam comes with a free 21-day trial. Also, it’s forever free for companies with up to 50 active employees.