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What is the Recruitment Management System? 

A Recruitment Management System (RMS) is an HR tool used to automate and manage a company’s recruitment process. An RMS helps you publish job postings, share on different sourcing channels, manage candidates, schedule interviews, and enable your end-to-end hiring process. 

Freshteam is an RMS tool that comes with a set of smart integrations and features that help automate your hiring process and improve your hiring plan overall. Let’s see more about what you can do with Freshteam RMS.

Benefits of a recruitment management software

Every job can have its own hiring workflow

Different jobs have different requirements and different methods of madness. Everything from the number of hiring stages to the hiring team working on it depends on the experience level and the kind of job function you’re hiring for. With Freshteam, you can customize the hiring workflow for every job posting in your recruitment management system so that it matches your hiring process.

hiring workflow scr hiring workflow scr

Ask the right questions when candidates apply

Make your recruitment management process more efficient by including an application form with every job posting. By asking specific questions that cover areas that all candidates might not necessarily include in their resume, you can easily separate the truly qualified from the aspirational and speed up your hiring process.

right question scr right question scr

Modify hiring stages to suit your hiring process

Typically, Directors of Marketing have more face-to-face interview rounds than marketing interns. Add and remove hiring stages from your employee recruitment process, as per your job’s requirements.

ta process scr ta process scr

Gather structured interview feedback

Collect qualitative feedback online from your panel members, after every interview. When a scorecard is filled out, a score is compiled based on the competencies assessed. Interview scorecards are customizable on a job-specific level so you can be as specific as you’d like for every job.

interview card scr interview card scr

Other features of an online recruitment management software

Set up a hiring team

Add the hiring manager and panel members to job postings so they can participate in the recruitment management process as well.

Choose the right status

Job postings can be published publicly on career site, made available internally on employee portal or saved as private for top secret purposes.

Add from talent pool

Archive candidate profiles that you want to look up in the future so that Freshteam can resurface them when similar job openings open up.

50+ job description templates

Don’t waste time writing job descriptions. You can choose from one of our 50+ freely available job description templates to create a job posting

Customise your career site

Make your career site feel like a part of your website. Upload your logo, add sections and customise elements to wow candidates.

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