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What is recruitment software?

Recruitment software helps organizations streamline or partially automate the different parts of the recruitment cycle using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This includes sourcing, screening, interviewing, managing candidates, communicating with candidates, collaborating with the internal recruitment teams, managing offers, and more.

It’s also widely referred to as applicant tracking software, though they are not exactly the same. With the right recruiting software, all the operational tasks are taken care of. HR teams can now focus on what matters the most; find and hire great talent. 

Freshteam recruitment software

Why should you use online recruitment software? 

Improves the productivity of the recruiting team

It enables you to automate repetitive tasks such as follow ups, advancing candidates based on scores, or archiving an exceptional candidate to the talent pool. This frees up at least 50% of your recruiters’ time allowing them to focus on more important things. 

Helps reach better talent, rocket-speed

A recruitment software speeds up sourcing by enabling your recruiters to create, post and manage jobs on multiple platforms with minimum effort - social platforms, job boards, career site, internal recruiting portal, etc. They integrate with various job boards to help you manage your job broadcasts and applicant inflow without having to log in and out of hundred places.

Sharpens collaboration within the team

All stakeholders can log in to a unified portal, the recruitment software, to find out what’s happening, items pending on them, and those that need immediate attention. There is clarity and accountability. Discussions on hiring decisions are smooth and easy. Collaboration will no longer mean emails flying across the place, staring at excel sheets cluelessly, or walking up to cubicles one after another.

          Streamline Recruitment Management with Freshteam

Publish your job everywhere, in a single click

Freshteam takes all your job descriptions and posts it to all the job boards in a single click. Want your jobs to outshine the other organic jobs? Don’t limit to just free jobs. Enable and Promote sponsored jobs on different job boards to get a better applicant pool to choose from. You can also use job embeds to display a list of open positions on any webpage you like. One time IT team involvement is all that’s necessary for you to get started.

Freshteam recruitment software for candidate sourcing

Find your candidate information in one place

No more wasting time, looking for information in your online recruiting software. In Freshteam, every candidate has one profile - a single store of information and history with your company. That’s everything; emails, resume, interview feedback, hiring team communication, notes to sourcing methods. To avoid confusion, Freshteam avoids duplication and maintains just one profile in the system. This way, no matter how many times a candidate applies to a job or is referred to, only one profile exists for them.

Recruitment software for easy candidate management

Provide an impeccable candidate experience

All candidate communication is in one place making it easy for you to start or finish conversations with context - the candidate 360. Freshteam reminds you when the response is due. It equips you to send out automatic notifications based on actions, that is when a candidate is advanced to the next stage or rejected etc. 
The pipeline reports and insights give you unmatchable visibility into what’s happening with your candidates and what you could do better to ensure they have a great experience

Recruiter software to craft impeccable candidate experiences

Collaborate with the hiring team online

Provide timely notification to all stakeholders. Say goodbye to physical debriefings; collect feedback from the hiring team online, through your HR recruitment software. A powerful dashboard tells each person in the team what needs their attention each day. Your team can discuss candidates (publicly and privately), leave comments for each other, notes, scores and ratings, and hand over their individual hiring decisions for consolidation. 

Recruiting software for hiring team collaboration

Insightful HR dashboards

Hindsight is 20/20. Use the data from your recruitment software and optimize your recruitment strategy in the future. How long did it take you to hire for a particular role? How fast does your pipeline move? What is your least performing source of applicants? Freshteam has a suite of out-of-the-box reports to help you get started with your HR data analytics.

Recruitment software for HR reporting

Leverage the automation

Release your recruiters from mundane everyday tasks and free them up for more strategic areas with the Freshteam autopilot. Whether it’s screening candidates, following up with a candidate, advancing them based on scores, or letting them know when they didn't make it, etc.

Automate recruitment routines with recruitment software

More reasons to consider Freshteam Recruitment software…

Resume Management

Now do more than storing and managing your candidate resumes. With Freshteam, you can parse, track and analyze resumes automatically.

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Interview Scheduler

You don't need a separate tool to schedule your interviews. Block your interviewers' date and get feedback on interviews on the go.

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Career Site Manager

Attract your candidates by designing and building a dynamic career site that speaks volumes about your employer branding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of recruiting software?

Based on the function they specialise in, recruiting software can be classified as
1. Sourcing software
2. Candidate management software
3. Screening and Interview software
4. Hiring and onboarding software

How much does recruitment software cost?

It depends on the features available in the recruitment software. That said, Freshteam provides a free-forever plan with all the essential recruitment features.

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