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What’s a resume screening software?

A resume screening software enables recruiters to wade through an ocean of resumes (especially during high-volume recruiting) to find the perfect candidates that match the job requirements. It filters applications based on skills, education, experience, or anything that is a requirement for an open role.

Freshteam is an applicant tracking system with resume screening tools such as resume parser, custom application forms, pre-screening tests and more. It saves you time in a way that’s otherwise just impossible.

freshteam-resume-screening freshteam-resume-screening

Screen applications faster with Freshteam

Parse and deep search resumes

Every resume that’s uploaded to Freshteam gets parsed and its data populated in profiles. This way, resume data becomes something that you can use to filter candidate profiles. Want to pull up a list of developers in your applicant tracking system who’ve worked with Alexa? Piece. Of. Cake.

freshteam-resume-parsing freshteam-resume-parsing

Pre-screen for tech interviews

Another great way to screen candidates, especially during technical rounds is by using pre-screening tests using pre-assessment test providers such as HackerEarth, HackerRank, or Codility. These are quick, unbiased, and can be conducted in bulk.  Freshteam integrates with various pre-assessment tests providers to offer a seamless interview experience.

Resume Screening - Pre-assessment tests Resume Screening - Pre-assessment tests

Cut the chase with application forms

When you are looking for something specific in your candidates, let’s say, their visa information or their willingness to relocate, links to their social profiles or anything else that might not fit into a standard resume, just shoot the questions on a custom application form. Then, you can filter for your ideal candidates based on their responses, in a few clicks.

Resume screening using application forms Resume screening using application forms

Screen as a team

Get everyone invested in the screening process, right from day one. Your hiring team can participate in the shortlisting process and voice their opinions through comments and stars. The team will be able to access all the information you have at hand helping you make quick decisions and accelerate resume screening.

freshteam-collaboration freshteam-collaboration

Save your favorite screened candidates for later

Found an exceptional candidate who did not fit into any of your open jobs? Don’t let your heart ache. Freshteam allows you to save them for later by archiving them to a talent pool.

When you archive candidates to the talent pool, they don’t fall into an applicant tracking system blackhole to never be seen again. Freshteam resurfaces relevant profiles when new job openings are created with the same job role so you can revisit people who are already familiar with the job and the organization.

Resume screening - save candidates to a talent pool Resume screening - save candidates to a talent pool

Automate screening entirely 

The Freshteam autopilot empowers recruiters to screen 40% faster and automate 80% mundane workload. Configure rules to screen, advance or reject candidates at lightspeed, based on set criteria. For example, advance candidates coming in from employee referrals to the written test stage, or send candidates a test when they reach the tech interview stage.

You can't just automate screening, but also other recruiting routines such as email follow ups, notifying panel members before an interview, sending out reject emails and more.

freshteam-autopilot freshteam-autopilot

Why choose Freshteam over others?

Stellar customer support

A team of champs who make it their priority to answer your questions, extend a helping hand and make sure you have an extraordinary experience, always.

Modern intuitive UI

You buy software to simplify and solve your everyday problems, not for more complications, right? Freshteam gets that. So does its empathetic UI.

Affordable plans. Free trial

Try Freshteam for 21 whole days before you buy, with no strings attached. If you have any questions about the product, ask for a 1-1 demo.

Freshteam is more than just an ATS

Onboard faster

As soon as your new hire signs an offer, you can proactively initiate onboarding - Send them forms to fill, docs to sign, a handbook to surf, etc. Start engaging and connecting with them even before their day one.

Manage time off with ease

Create and enforce time-off policies, work weeks, holiday calendars and more. Meanwhile, help your employees or managers get a peek into who’s in, who’s on leave, who’s going to be on leave, etc so they can manage their work weeks better.

Secure employee records

Freshteam enables you to empower your employees with self service portals where they can fill their own information. At the same time, you reserve the rights to control the edit and access permissions to such information and documents.

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