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Sometimes, the timing is just right and you find the right candidate just when there’s an opening for the right job. But things don’t always work out so well. Sometimes, the right candidate applies for a not-right job. Or you find the right candidate but there’s no open job.

Whenever you find yourself trying to figure out an easy way to remember candidates for later, look to Freshteam. In the Freshteam automated tracking system, you can archive candidates to the talent pool with a job role as a tag. This means that Freshteam will automatically resurface candidates when relevant job openings get created. Say, you create a job posting for a Graphic Designer now. All the profiles in the talent pool that have been tagged with ‘Graphic Designer’ will be suggested by Freshteam as possible candidates for the role.

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Save candidates for the future

Found a profile who you want to follow up with in the future? Add them to your candidate database directly so that Freshteam will remind you of this promising candidate just when you need to be reminded.

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Rediscover promising candidates

When a relevant job opens up, Freshteam will resurface candidates with similar job roles so you can look them up. A list of candidates to engage with, even before you start sharing with the world!

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Grow a talent pool

Maintain a candidate database, right in your applicant tracking system, using the talent pool. This way, you don’t have to depend on a Excel sheet, when you want to look them up in the future. You can search for them in your ATS, just like you would any other candidate in the system.

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And one more thing…

Engage with candidates

Connect your mailbox to Freshteam and engage with candidates, right from within your recruitment software

Parse and deep search resumes

When resumes get parsed by Freshteam, their contents (education, experience, skills etc.) become indexed and automatically searchable

Tag candidates

Create and maintain candidate lists through custom tags. You can use tags to create reminders and keep track of specific candidate groups.

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