All Features Time Off

Everything you need to manage employee time off

Set up custom policies

Create policies exclusively tailored to fit different teams in your company.

Monitor employee availability

Track and foresee employee availability to plan your work weeks.

Export time off data for payroll input

You can export leave balances to feed your payroll systems.

A time off policy as custom as it can be

Different folks, different strokes. Customise everything from the work week and holiday calendar to the accrual frequency for a type of leave. You can also create multiple time off policies, with different policy rules, and map it to specific departments, locations or shifts, as is necessary.


Time off approval workflow for managers

When employees request for time off, an approval request will popup on the manager’s time off dashboard. This way, the manager can quickly view the team’s availability calendar and make a quick decision on whether the request should be granted or declined.


Powerful time off dashboard

Freshteam has a powerful time off dashboard for Admins/HR partners/Managers to help them get a bird’s eye view of time off trends across the company. Whether it’s looking up team efficiency or leaves by department by month, you can find all the time off data you need to know in a glance, on the dashboard. Managers can also use Freshteam to track and plan their work weeks around employee availability.


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