Why automate Time-off Approvals?

There are a lot of HR processes that need approvals from various levels to see the finish line. One such important process is Timeoff Approval. Different employees report to different people, and it is essential to make sure that the manager or reporting person knows who is in and out. Not all Time-off requests can be approved with no notice, some would need proof like medical certificates. 

Set up approval workflows, assign approvers, attach documents, set rules, etc., with Freshteam as your HR approval software.

Here's how the time-off approval workflow works in Freshteam:



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From job boards, online tests to E-Sign Freshteam come with a lot of integrations that make your HR life hell a lot easier.


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Mobile App

The iOS and Android App of Freshteam comes with Recruitment, Timeoff Management, Onboarding and HRIS, it becomes the one place for all HR actions.

What's in store with Freshteam's Approval Workflow?

Setup Approvals from Stakeholders

Having a choice is always good, in Freshteam you can choose whether you want to set approval as mandatory for Time off requests. You can also make it easy for your approvers and employees by enabling email notification, which makes them perform time-off actions right from their email.

All in one Dashboard 

An organization has many employees, and one manager has many employees reporting to him/her. This means that there are multiple time-off requests from multiple employees for your managers to approve or decline. Let’s make it easy for them, Freshteam gives you an all in one dashboard with all the pending requests, making it easy to perform bulk actions. 

Bonus: Your managers can also add comments when approving or declining a time-off request, contextual communication is possible.

Complete Analysis in a click

The Timeoff Dashboard will give you extensive in-depth information about the Time-off trend in your company with simple and smart analysis, stats and graphs. 

You get the time-off trend of your team, the total number of pending requests, who is not available in the upcoming days, time-off pattern across departments and efficiency of your company.

That's not all, there is more in Freshteam

Applicant Tracking System

Take your hiring process completely online with Freshteam. This means you can take care of finding the right talent for your organization from anywhere you want collaborating with everyone.


Send welcome kits, arrange day 1 buddies, assign tasks to all stakeholders and give a proactive onboarding experience to your new employees with Freshteam.

Human Resources Information System

Manage all employee information, set up employee self-service portals, curate org charts and keep human resources management a hassle-free business with Freshteam.

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