Create Timeoff Policies

Create multiple timeoff policies in quick steps, define rules and map employees. 

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Multiple Policies

Create multiple timeoff policies for different teams or regions in your company.

Define Policy Rules

Accrual, Balances, Carryovers, Overtime, Attachments, Tenure Based Balances - all rules can be set in a matter of minutes.

Easy Employee Mapping

Map employees to the respective timeoff policies easily and with customization.

Manage Holidays

Create customizable holiday calendars for different regions or use free templates to manage holidays better. 

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Multiple Holiday Calendars

Create any number of holiday calendars you want for different shifts, teams, and office locations. 

Optional Holidays

Set up optional holidays to ensure a diverse list of timeoff options that suit your organizational and employee needs. 

Free Calendar Templates

Get free holiday calendar templates of around 19 countries for free and set up in one click.

Team Calender

Get to know who is in or out for the day, week or month. Know why they are out and plan your actions. 

Automate Approval Workflows

Set up approval workflows to make your timeoff management easy and straightforward. 

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Approval Emails 

Set up Approval as mandatory or not and get stakeholders to take action right from their emails.

Complete Dashboard

Get all information on the timeoff happenings of your employees from one place, also approve or decline timeoff requests from here.

Analytics and trends 

Get an intelligent analysis of your organization’s timeoff data based on departments, months, days, employees, etc., to understand better.

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