Timeoff policies are difficult. They are not one size fits all. Not even within the same company. Employees work different shifts, work different time zones, you have multiple branches across countries and you have to create one time off policy for them all? Not possible, not productive or smart. 

You need to legally match with each country’s rules in your time-off policy. Basically, you need multiple policies with a lot of scopes to tailor it according to your needs. You also need it to come with basic and advanced time-off setting to spare you from setting up general stuff. The answer to all this is Freshteam.

With an incredible time-off policy creation, you also get:

Smart Integrations

With Freshteam comes integrations with many useful HR platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, HackerEarth, SignEasy etc., which cater to all your HR activities.

Sophisticated UI

A self-onboarding UI is what Freshteam is. You need no hand-holding or guidance to know the software in and out in just a few minutes.

Seamless Support

Queries? Feature Requests? Bugs? Bored? Anything at all, Freshteam support is here to make sure you are a customer satisfied and happy in your journey with us.

Freshteam’s Time-off Policy.

Multiple Timeoff Policies.

Create multiple time-off policies with time-off types of your choice. You can create time-off policies for different regions your office is present with inbuilt holiday calendars that Freshteam has for over 19 countries. You can make the default policy as primary to automatically map employees to it as well.

Set Policy Rules.

Have certain rules for your time-off policies? 

It can be how many days an employee can apply after their balance is over or mandatory attachments for over 10 days of sick leave. You can set it up with Freshteam. 

You can also fix how many days it allows the employee to edit a time-off request. Set Annual Balance, Proration rules, balance carryover rules, tenure accrual rules and much more in simple steps.

Map Employees Instantly

Create how many ever policies you want and map employees in bulk or customize. Choose employees based on the employee type or shift or location, create groups and map them to policies in simple steps. 

Experience a confusion-free and quick to analyze policy setup with your employees.

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