Turbocharge your candidate sourcing with vendors

Vendors are supposed to make your life easier, not harder. After all, that’s why you decided to collaborate on candidate sourcing with someone who has specialized experience doing it. But it sure doesn’t feel easier when you have to stay up all night, uploading resume after resume to your ATS from the folder that your vendor enthusiastically emailed you. Just so you can keep track of all your candidates from the same place. It almost doesn’t seem worth it….almost.

Enter Freshteam.

With the Freshteam vendor management system, you can add your vendors to your favorite applicant tracking system. That’s it! And they can do all their work themselves - uploading resumes, looking up the status of a candidate, etc., all without having to come to you for an update.

A portal for your vendors

Your vendors have access to specific parts of your Freshteam account, namely the job postings you have assigned them, and the candidate profiles they’ve added for that job. This way, they can go about their job without having to depend on you. At any point in time, they can see what’s happening with their candidates in the pipeline.

Keep everyone in the loop

No more writing status update emails at the end of the week. Your vendor won’t just receive a weekly summary of their candidate pipeline, but they’ll also get notified every time a candidate they’ve added receives an offer or gets hired. So, that’s off your plate too.

Measure ROI/Productivity

You can generate reports and measure a vendor’s efficiency with Freshteam. Any report you’re viewing, you can just filter using source or source category to see a particular vendor’s contributions to your sourcing efforts.

There is more to Freshteam

Time off management

It could not have been easier! An employee self-service portal, easy approval workflows, and dashboards that tell you all the paid time off stories.

Employee onboarding

New hires, first impressions, forms and formalities? Don’t fret. Freshteam has got you covered - onboarding kits, workflows, digital signature and more. Do it in style!

Applicant tracking

Finding good candidates is hard enough. That’s why Freshteam helps you track, screen and manage them effortlessly from a single interface.

They love us, you will too.

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