What is Video Interview Software? 

A Video Interview Software is a tool used by recruiters to interview potential candidates remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Video Interview Software is a relatively new age component. Video Conferencing tools such as Skype or Zoom have been present for a long time, however, Video Interview Software is built with recruitment in mind, unlike the conference tools. It comes with options to submit feedback, take notes, etc., making recruitment smarter and easier for everyone involved.

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Some Types of Video Interview Software 

There are different types of tools out in the market, the most common and popular are listed here, 
1. Zoom

Zoom is now a household name. From children's online classes to interviews, Zoom is everywhere. It is a type of video conferencing tool that lets you record and send videos with yourself, have live video calls, and schedule interviews in advance. 

2. Google Meet

A video conferencing tool from the mammoth Google. Although it has not reached the same heights as Zoom because of certain limitations in the tool, it is a suitable alternative video conferencing tool used by few industries. It also comes under the type which lets you record, schedule and host live videos. 

3. Microsoft Teams

Teams go a notch up and offer the product for schools and different industries with customizations based on it. For schools, it functions more like an online school management tool, with options to submit and turn in assignments, etc., for industries, it offers few similar features for office suitability and has a lot of ways to go. 

4. VidCruiter 

VidCruiter is a dedicated Video Interview Software tool that lets recruiters send out assignments and have candidates record their answer as video and host it. VidCruiter also lets you have live video calls. It has few inbuilt features tailored for interviews like feedback submission, which helps for starters. 

5. MyInterview

An easy-to-add widget to your HR software, MyInterview is a video interview software that uses AI to analyze your candidate answers and give reports based on it. It is definitely worth checking out this new feature in the recruiting world. 

You can go for a simple video conferencing tool like Zoom and manually take care of the interview process or you can go for an ATS with Video capabilities to have a wholly automated and smart recruitment process. If you are interested in knowing more about it, you directly go to the section we discuss this. 

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Why use Video Interview Software? 

8 reasons why Video Interview Software will be helpful for you.

Global Candidates

With Video Interview Software you can reach out to any candidate, from any part of the world. All you need to do is set a time that works for both of you. Video Interview Software enables you to go diverse with finding your talents. 

Cut costs

Video Interview Software costs you close to nothing when compared to having face-to-face interviews. From transport, accommodation, logistics, and beverages, etc., that you have to provide for the candidate, there are multiple expenses associated with face-to-face interviews. However, in Video Interviews, all you need is good software and a working internet connection. 

Reduce Time-to-Hire 

Video Interview Software makes it easy to get on follow-up calls and interviews, making the time taken to hire a candidate a lot lesser than when it is in-person hiring. Want to know more about the different metrics involved in hiring? Read this article.

Escape the Scheduling Maze 

Ask a recruiter what is the tough part of hiring and he/she would easily tell interview scheduling would top the list. When there are a lot of candidates, finding many schedules that do not clash between the interviewers is difficult. One also has difficulties finding a meeting room, leaving enough time between interviews, etc., With Video Interviewing Software, all these problems are out the window. 

Attracts Passive Candidates

Passive candidates you would like to poach would not be willing to spend time in between their already loved current job to come down for an interview. It becomes almost impossible to get them to consider your company in the face-to-face world. However, with Video Interview Software, taking the call will cost them nothing, and if done right might make them land in your company. 

Have more interactive and smart assignments 

In the in-person, face-to-face world, candidates expect all interviews or assessments to happen in person, which means they cannot get all that creative with the assignments. It is a coding test or a generic written test, but with Video Interview Software in place, you can share your product screen or a real-time chat or ticket and ask the candidate to handle it. You can ask them to do a quick presentation or play a recorded video to test not only technical skills but also soft skills. 

Easy and Less Time-Consuming Elimination

Meeting the candidates is easy, having a follow-up interview is easy, getting feedback is easy, and as a result, getting the result on a candidate is easy as well. Video Interview Software enables you to have a very easy and fast-paced recruitment process. 

Avoid Time and Place Conflicts

Another major advantage of having Video Interview Software is that you can have the interview whenever, wherever. If the interviewee or interviewer is out of town or even in the middle of waiting in a long queue at the bank, they can take the call, do the interview. A common time of availability, the need to be in town, etc., which usually hinder the process is absent. 

How to make your hiring efficient with Video Interview Software?

By now, you are wondering how to get this holy grail in your recruitment process and take advantage of it. Before you type out Video Interview Software tools on your search engine to buy one, read this. 

A Video Interview Software tool is mighty helpful, yes. However, if you choose a video conferencing tool and start your process with it, you would still be behind in acing your hiring process, what you need is an ATS with Video Interviewing capabilities

Why do you need an ATS with Video Interviewing? 

Video Interview Software or Tools are super helpful, but they lack other major features required for interviews like feedback submission or candidate information. An ATS comes with all that. 

Let’s take Freshteam, for example. Freshteam is an ATS with Video Interview Tools integrations that make it a powerful tool for recruitment. 

It comes with Google Meet and Zoom native Integration. Two tools that are used by a combined 400 million users every day, especially since 2020. We also have an Open API that lets you combine any video conferencing tool you prefer.

Video Interview Software | Zoom and Google Meet Integration with Freshteam

The Zoom and Google Meet Integration in Freshteam

That’s not all. Like we said before, Freshteam is the perfect Video Interview Software because it solves the video part and the interview part for all recruiters. How, you ask, well, 

Why Freshteam is the perfect Video Interview Software Tool for Recruiters? 


360 view of Candidates Profile

Freshteam helps you set video interviews in one step, but not every interviewer can remember everything about a candidate, Freshteam helps with that. When you click on the Interview Reminder from Freshteam, you will go to the Candidate’s 360 page from which you can join the interview. Before you join the interview, you can quickly skim through the candidate profile and get to know everything about your candidate. 

Video Interview Software | Freshteam’s 360 view of Candidates Profile


Submit Detailed Interview Feedback Instantly

Freshteam interviews come with interview scorecards that can be customized based on each job and what competencies you are looking for. Your interviewers, after finishing the interview, will get an automatic reminder from Freshteam to submit their feedback which they can directly do in Freshteam which other panelists can also view easily. No need to frame feedback as the right questions are already there for the interviewer to answer. 

Video Interview Software | Freshteam’s Submit Detailed Interview Feedback Instantly


Make collaboration real

With remote working, collaboration is a hassle, especially between recruiters, hiring managers, candidates, and interviewers. Freshteam as your Video Interview Software tool will solve this problem for you. You can directly send and receive emails from your candidates and panelists from Freshteam. You can add private and public comments for your panelists. You can add tasks to different panelists as well.

Basically, you can finally stop jumping between 10 applications to get one item done. 

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