Manage your recruitment pipeline, better. 

Your recruiters want to find and engage with great talent - not juggle their inbox, calendar, and applicant tracking system to perform operational tasks like managing resumes, scheduling interviews, and keeping the hiring team updated.

Choose the free applicant tracking system that streamlines the operational tasks so that your recruiters can focus on the only thing that matters: recruiting. Freshteam lets you manage job postings, keep track of email applicants, source employee referrals, engage with candidates, and more, from one place. The best part? Your hiring team can get in on the action right from day 1 because the Sprout plan is free for companies with up to 50 employees.


Manage your recruitment pipeline with this free ats software

Get a professional Career Site in under 5-minutes

Create and share job postings to attract brilliant candidates through a range of channels: a built-in career site, email, social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, and employee referrals.

Besides a dedicated career site, your free applicant tracking system can also display a list of open positions on any website page you like, through job embeds. One-time IT team involvement is all that’s necessary to get this plane off the ground.

Attract top talent with Complimentary applicant tracking system

See everything about a candidate in one place

When we say one place, we mean one place. Candidate 360 is a complete record of every candidate’s history with your company. That’s their resume, your emails, interview feedback, a timeline of their interactions with the hiring team, hiring team communication, and more. Freshteam’s de-duplication feature makes sure that no matter how many times a candidate applies or the job postings they apply to, only one profile is maintained in the system.


Collaboration with your entire team made easy

When your team is also onboard Freshteam, they can help you shortlist candidates, participate in candidate engagement, and make their opinions felt through ratings and comments. They can sync their calendars to the system so you can easily schedule interviews and collect feedback online. The best part is the task of keeping everyone updated shifts from you to Freshteam; email notifications are automatically sent to the hiring team when important events like a new application or a rejection take place.

Do all of this and more with your free ATS 

50+ pre-existing job descriptions

Don’t waste time writing job descriptions from scratch. Save yourself some time and build on one of our 50+ available templates.

Sync personal email

Connect your mailbox to Freshteam and engage with candidates right from your applicant tracking system at no cost. You can also connect your careers mailbox to manage applications.

Perform bulk actions

Work more efficiently, with bulk actions. Add tags for multiple profiles, advance multiple candidates to the next stage, archive applicants and more, with a click.

Sync Google Calendar

Avoid scheduling snafus by integrating your applicant tracking system with your Google Calendar account

Recruit on the go

Keep track of your hiring pipeline even when you're on the move. With the Freshteam Android app, you can view candidate profiles, submit interview feedbacks and stay updated, no matter what.

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