Why should you consider Free HR Software?

Employees are the backbone of any organization, and they are paramount for the success of any growing business. That said, businesses do not always have the resources to invest in paid HR Software that can help them hire great candidates. That is where Free HR Software like Freshteam comes in. 

Freshteam will take care of the monotonous, time-consuming tasks such as candidate sourcing, candidate engagement, collaboration with the team, employee directory, PTOs, and so on so that the HR team has time to focus on strategic growth decisions.

free-hr-software-freshteam free-hr-software-freshteam

6 Signs your business needs free HR Software:

Here are some telltale signs that tell you it is time to automate your HR processes:

Your HR team is manually managing all the job boards. They find it difficult to track the source from which the candidate comes in.

It is difficult to provide timely reminders and updates to the stakeholders. As a result, sometimes, the candidates miss out on interviews, or hiring managers come in late, or the interviews are postponed frequently. 

It is difficult to track the progress of the application process, since it is tracked on emails and spreadsheets. 

Hiring panel discussions and collaboration happens on multiple platforms.

There’s no place to handle all the employee information.

Employees are taking time-offs often, and there’s no efficient way to track it. 

What to look for in Free HR Software - a complete checklist

What does Freshteam’s free plan offer?

Career site tailored to your needs

Let the world know about the job openings in your company, thanks to the customizable career site. Ensure that the career site reflects your brand, and format the page to your liking and customize the application form so that you get all the information you need.

free-hr-software-career-site free-hr-software-career-site

Easily collaborate with your team

Bring your hiring discussion under one roof. Provide the interview feedback, check the status of the application, and let the team know if the employee is a great fit for the company. 

free-hr-software-interview-scorecard free-hr-software-interview-scorecard

Source candidates effectively with employee referrals

Looking for the ideal candidate? Well, your employees can help you. With employee referrals, they can refer qualified candidates, taking the burden off the HR team. 

free-hr-software-freshteam-employee-referral free-hr-software-freshteam-employee-referral

Bring all employee information in one place

Don’t look helter-skelter for data. With Freshteam’s employee information system, all your employee data will be in one place. Your employees can access it, review, and update it to their liking, without intervention from the HR team.

free-hr-software-freshteam-employee-information free-hr-software-freshteam-employee-information

Know who’s who with Org charts

With an elaborate organizational chart, your new employee can know who heads a team, who reports to who, and who can be approached for a particular task. 

free-hr-software-orgchart-freshteam free-hr-software-orgchart-freshteam

What makes Freshteam the best HR Software?

User friendly UI

Tech savvy or not, with our easy to use UI and extensive product cues,you get the hang of the product in no time!

Affordable higher plans

Is your business growing at an aggressive pace? Fret not! With Freshteam’s affordable pricing plan, your software grows along with your business.

Timely support

With extensive support articles and FAQs, help is always around the corner when you need it, literally! 

They love us. You will too.

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