Freshteam expands integrations with Indeed 📢

At Freshteam, we’re always looking for ways to simplify the lives of our users, the recruiters. That’s why Freshteam and Indeed, the world’s#1 job site, have teamed up to build an integration to help your hiring teams to work seamlessly between the two systems. 

With the sponsored integration, Freshteam allows seamless job posting on Indeed platform,  the ability to sponsor jobs and enable Indeed Apply so that there is less friction for applicants to apply for the job. Combined, they save time, improve job visibility and create a seamless sourcing and application process. 

Freshteam users get a host of advantages with this integration:

Continue to post jobs for free on Indeed and choose to sponsor your jobs with a set budget as a pay per click sponsorship

An exclusive offer of $100 in Indeed credits for our US customers who are new to Indeed

Inside Freshteam, you’ll be able to:

  1. Enable free job postings on Indeed
  2. Sponsor jobs with a set budget as a pay per click sponsorship to improve their visibility

  3. Track the job publishing status on Indeed

  4. Manage your entire sponsorship right from Freshteam


We also have an exclusive  $100 Indeed credit for our US customers who are new to Indeed. We’re excited about launching our expanded integration with Indeed, especially now. The new year brings hope and a fresh beginning to a lot of people. People look out for change – switch jobs, search for a career shift and are more open to opportunities. As the recruiting season begins and new hiring budgets are released for the year, make the most of it with Freshteam’s affordable recruiting and Indeed’s reach and visibility.

…And if you’re not using Freshteam yet, take our free 21-day trial now to see these features in action.