What is HCM software?

Human Capital Management software, commonly referred to as HCM software, takes care of all the HR tasks and helps companies strategically manage their existing workforce. These tasks include recruitment, onboarding and training, employee development program and performance management. 

With HCM software in place, companies can automate all their hiring tasks, handle personnel management, attendance tracking, and implement their workforce management strategy effectively.

Best HCM software - Freshteam Best HCM software - Freshteam

Why should you have HCM software?

Digital transformation has become inevitable. Given that the world has moved to the digital space, it is necessary that companies adapt to the novel ways of the world. With automation, manual systems have proven to be inefficient. Unwillingness to adopt automation can lead to frustration among employees, preventing them from performing to the fullest, ultimately leading to high turnover rates. Narrowing it down to the HR department, HR folks would find it difficult to perform their tasks with efficiency if they are stuck with manual processes. That is where HCM software comes in. 

Technology empowers HRs to perform efficiently and effectively. They gain more visibility and save time alongside. With features like ESS, it gives employees more flexibility and reduces the load on HR folks for doing tasks like data updates, document management. Tasks like attendance tracking, personnel management, onboarding, and so on., are taken care of with ease, giving them more time and flexibility to focus on the most important asset of your business: your employees.


 How is HCM software different from HRMS?

There is a lot of overlap between the functionalities of HCM software and Human resource management system (HRMS). Vendors and companies often use these terms interchangeably.  

That being said, some features are distinct and can differentiate HCM software from HRMS. 

HCM software plays a key role in acquiring and managing the workforce, while HRMS software is about managing all HR administrative tasks such as record keeping, benefits, compliance and so on. 

HCM software vs HRMS software HCM software vs HRMS software

Choosing Human Capital Management software:

With so many HCM systems in the market, it is difficult to pick the right one for your organization. Here are some features you should consider:

User friendly UI: Not everyone is adept at technology. Look for an HCM system that is easy to use, efficient and get things done in a matter of a few clicks. 

Timely support: Are their product tutorials, support articles, and videos that can be referred to when needed? How good is the customer support service? Is it prompt, courteous and helpful? Do they provide product training? 

 Essential features

Value for money: Are the usability and features worth the money you spend on? Is the pricing chart clear, or are there any hidden charges as well?

What are the benefits of using HCM Software?

There are innumerable benefits to using HCM software in your organization. It comes as a boon to all your employees, and particularly to your HR department because of the following reasons:


          Freshteam - HCM software for your growing business

From hiring to retiring, take care of all your HR related tasks in one place.

Applicant Tracking System - set it on Autopilot mode!

From candidate sourcing to offer management, Freshteam would take care of all your recruitment tasks. Publish jobs on multiple job boards, screen resumes, schedule candidate interviews, and send an offer they can’t refuse, all from one place. Now, you can focus on the most valuable asset of your company; your employees. 

HCM software for applicant tracking HCM software for applicant tracking

Onboarding - For a great first day at work

Ensure that your new hires have a great experience on the first day which is devoid of paperwork and waiting for administrative work. Get all the employment contracts and hiring paperwork e-signed and send welcome mail before their first day so that they can use the special day socialising and learning about the company. 

HCM software for employee onboarding HCM software for employee onboarding

Absence Management - Stay on top of the PTOs

Implement a Paid Time-off policy for the entire organization, so that your employees know what is acceptable and what isn’t while planning their time off. With holiday calendars and time off approvals, your employees can plan for their vacations beforehand and get them approved in a click of a button. 

HCM software for time off reporting HCM software for time off reporting

HR reports - Let the numbers do the talking

With extensive 7 curated reports and unlimited custom reports, gain actionable insights on what is working and what isn’t and take informed decisions. You can present them directly to the team and send them to your higher officials on a pre-set frequency so that everyone remains updated.

HCM software for HR reporting HCM software for HR reporting

More reasons to use Freshteam HCM software…

Simple, easy to use

Get the hang of Freshteam in no time, thanks to its user-friendly interface. With product tutorials, tips and tricks, you can get started and master the product in no time!


Document management

Both HR and employees can find all their documents under one roof, i.e., Freshteam. No more paperwork or document apps.

Employee Self service System

Invite all your employees and let them make the best use of Freshteam. Update their personal information, apply for time-offs, manage their documents and do much more.


Freshteam works well with an array of applications such as G Suite directory, SignEasy, Zoom, LinkedIn, Monster.com. so that you have a seamless recruiting experience.

Timely support

With product demos, guides, and training, our support team will ensure that you get the best of Freshteam. Reach out to support@freshteam.com

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