What makes hiring interviews so important?

When conducting a hiring interview, the focus is always on the difficulty that a candidate has to face, and rightfully so. It is certainly nerve-wracking and clueless to sit for interviews. Candidates are going to be interviewed (read: interrogated) by complete strangers who are going to evaluate and scrutinize your skills and all past achievements. 

That said, interviewing is not a walk in the park either. Hiring the right candidate has a direct impact on the company’s bottom line, making it a heavy responsibility to shoulder. They need to ask the right question, ensure that the candidate has the right skills and is a culture fit, while providing a great candidate experience. In this read, we try to make the interviewer’s job a little easier by providing 21 questions they need to ask during their job interviews. 


Things to keep in mind before doing the hiring interview:

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work before conducting job interviews. Here are the most important ones one shouldn’t miss: 

Job Interview questions you should ask:

Job interviews are about understanding the candidate, their skills, and their compatibility with the company. Here are some questions that will help you in that pursuit. You could use them all or include a few of them.

Questions about the candidate:

These are questions that will help you estimate the personality of the candidate and if they are a good fit for the team, and for the company. 

Questions about their qualifications: 

Here, you try to understand how fit the candidate is for doing the job - Do they have the experience, technical expertise, skills etc for the job. 

Questions about salary expectations:

Questions about their possible future in the company:

Why use Freshteam for job interviews?

With interview toolkits, scorecards, and calendar sync, manage all your hiring interview processes in one place. With Freshteam, include your questions as a part of the kit for the interviewers, assess them objectively using scorecards, and collaborate with the hiring panel in real-time. Google calendar and Office 365 integration will let you know about the interviewer’s availability and provide timely reminders so that the interviews start on time, thereby providing a great candidate experience.