What role does interviewing play in your hiring process?

There’s something special about meeting people in person, be it face-to-face, or via a video call.

While assessment tests and resumes can shed some light on the person’s technical skills and experience, it is the interviews that tell you whether the person is a culture fit, team player, tactical, and overall a dependable employee. 

Interviews are a great way of explaining what responsibilities the new role would entail. Candidates receive some clarity on how their work life would be, and can take a more informed decision while accepting the offer. 


Types of hiring interviews:

Broadly, there are three types of hiring interviews:

Hiring interview tactics to find your superstar:

From a bird's-eye view, interviews seem to be all about meeting candidates. We know less about the behind-the-scenes work on an interview. In this section, we break down the interview process into before, during and after phases for easier understanding, which will help you make the best choice. 

Things to do before the interview:

What should you do during the interview?

What happens after the hiring interview is done?


Get started with hiring interviews using Freshteam

Get started with hiring interviews using Freshteam

A complete ATS package

Hiring software that helps you from the start to the finish.

Autopilot workflows

Autopilot workflows that auto-processes or auto-rejects candidates at the start.

Interview Scheduling

Learn about the availability of the interviewers while scheduling interviews.

Panel Collaboration

Collaborate with the hiring team in real time by gathering feedback in place.

Interview feedback
Offer management

Make an offer in no time with offer templates.

Online assessment

Assess the candidates using integration with online assessment tools.

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