What is a career page?

A careers page showcases the job opportunities in your company to the outside world. It also presents other employment-relevant information such as your mission, values, culture, people stories, achievements, innovations, and more.

What is a career site? What is a career site?

Why do you need a career page?

A career site is a powerful recruitment marketing tool and no good recruiter would say no to it. There are so many benefits - cost-effectiveness, a faster hiring process, branding opportunities, long-term sourcing benefits, and more.
Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits of having an authentic and persuasive career site for your organization.

It’s the perfect place to tell the world about who you are as an employer, what you care about, and invite the right people to join your tribe. It’s one place where you can fully control the narrative of what it’s like to work with you.

Candidates who hear about a job opening at your firm will eventually check your website out before or while they apply to your jobs. Your career site plays an important role in convincing them to pursue a job with you.

Recruiting teams spend a lot of time and money on reaching candidates over sourcing channels such as job boards, social media, or niche channels like Github or Stackoverflow. A career site is a channel where the candidates come to you, effortlessly.

If you have the right information on your career page, you are likely to attract the right applicants to the right jobs as well (and let the misfits down gently without spending much time on them). 

Additionally, you can use custom application forms to automate screening of applications that come to you through the career site and save yourself from having to screen a pile of resumes, directly reducing your time to hire. 

There is zero advertising costs involved in sourcing through career sites - because it’s your own website! The more you consistently invest in optimizing your career site for candidate experience and candidate attraction, you are likely to reap a hundredfold in the long run as the site stabilizes into a reliable sourcing channel for all seasons.

It doesn’t matter how a candidate enters your hiring process, they will at least check out your careers site thrice during the hiring process. 

You can ensure an impeccable candidate experience for them through your career site - make the right information available to them on time, engage them with real-life stories that run in your organization - show them you really are the tribe they are looking for.

Two other most important things, make sure that the ‘SUBMIT’ button works, and acknowledge the receipt of applications with a simple email or message. You can easily automate repetitive communication like this, but don’t leave them hanging.

Since a career site does not require much effort, you can use it to source candidates throughout the year, in and out of hiring season. 

If you find great candidates, save them for later roles through a talent pool. As a consequence, you can build a reliable pool of talent that you can turn to when new roles open up.

Candidates considering a job change lookup jobs through the search engine. A well-optimized career site can help them find your jobs ahead of your competitors during their search.

How to write a career page?

Make a list of everything you’d like to share with a prospective candidate.

  • Vision and mission

  • Values 

  • Leadership

  • The global presence and office locations

  • Employee testimonies

  • Culture

  • Achievements, awards, and accolades

  • Products and business partnerships

  • Perks and benefits

  • Overview of the application process

  • FAQs

  • Contact details

  • Link to social handles

Keep it memorable and quirky.

Creativity, humor, and inspiration play an important role in helping people remember what they read. People may forget what they read, but the memory of what they felt as they read lingers longer. 

Connect with them! After all, there is heavy competition for talent out there. You don’t want to be like everybody.

Optimize for mobile.

According to AIHR, 90% of job seekers hunt for a new job through their mobile devices. Many companies lose out on a segment of good candidates simply because they don’t have mobile-friendly, functional career sites.

Candidates who enter your site through a laptop/ a tab may display very different content consumption behavior. Try to understand what’s most important to your mobile users and start by optimizing that - logically the two things that top the list would be information about the job role and the application process itself.

Use a mix of content types.

Steer clear of reading fatigue by using a different mix of media. You can create videos, photographs, or even have a few episodes of short podcasts by your leaders. 

The goal is to intentionally share the right information with your career site visitors engagingly

Make it easy to navigate.

If your visitors can’t find the information they are looking for, there is no point in having a career site. Your site is only as good as how discoverable your information is for the visitors. Try to have an intuitive navigation menu, preferably in your top fold.

Use the tone of your brand.

Professional, semi-formal, casual, quirky, aggressive,  funny, or a mix of two? Whatever it is, incorporate it into your content. Your tone speaks volumes about who you aspire to be as a company. You can even use colors and illustrations that comply with your brand to personalize the experience further.

Rope in your leaders, marketers, and designers.

Get input from your leadership on what an ideal career site for the company would look like. Your markets and designers can tell and sell the content for you on the career page. Time to borrow their creative juices!

Optimize it.

Study visitor behavior on your site and make necessary changes to improve their experience. For example, you can track what visitors type in the search box of your website - it’s a clear indication of what they have been looking for but could find without a search. 

You may even find out that they are looking for things you don’t currently have on the site.

Create a career site in minutes with Freshteam

With examples of how our customers have done it.


Set it up in less than 5 minutes

Yes, it is true. You can set up a branded career site in less than 5 minutes with Freshteam. All you have to do is add a couple of your branding elements to the Freshteam career site creation page - a name for your career site, your logo, a favicon, a banner image, and images for your social sharing buttons if you need them. Click ‘Save’! Tada..your fabulous career site is now up and running.

Chargebee careers page powered by Freshteam Chargebee careers page powered by Freshteam


Personalize like a pro

With Freshteam you can personalize beyond your basic titles, logos, and banners. You can add filters through which candidates can search for jobs in specific departments, edit the layout, modify the stylesheet and add more colors to the site effortlessly. If you have a friend who is a developer, they can surely make the process more exciting and effective

Collectiv Food's careers page powered by Freshteam Collectiv Food's careers page powered by Freshteam

Custom application forms

Since your career site is open to all, you may end up attracting a lot of applications that may or may not fit your requirements. But you can cut through the clutter with Freshteam’s custom application forms. Ask for the most important information and filter candidates based on the must-have criteria, at rocket speed.

JCDecaux careers page powered by Freshteam JCDecaux careers page powered by Freshteam


Integrate with your ATS

Since your Freshteam career site is integrated with your ATS, the incoming applications will automatically flow into your Freshteam ATS as candidate profiles that can be shared and reviewed by your team. You can also take care of the rest of the process on Freshteam - screening, interview scheduling, gathering feedback, rolling out offers, and more.

Integrate your careers page with an ATS Integrate your careers page with an ATS

What not to do with your careers page?

The goal here was to make you think, and smile while you are at it!



Do not try to get everyone to love you.

The goal is not to get everyone to love you and apply for your jobs. Instead, it is to attract the right people by putting out relevant information. Confidently, highlight your strengths and the unique benefits of working with you but keep it real.

Career page dos and donts Career page dos and donts



Thou shall not play hide and seek.

Place your career site in an easily visible place on your website. Candidates should not have to search for it.

Career site dos and donts Career site dos and donts


Do not turn it into a park of dinosaurs.

Some of your jobs are so old that they may jump out and become dinosaurs. Update the list of jobs on your site, and remove the older ones. Keep the information on your site up to date. It shows your candidates that your career site is active and you are serious about hiring.

Career pages dos and donts Career pages dos and donts


Make up your mind, is it a career page or the Bermuda triangle?

If your candidates apply and never hear back from you then what you have is a Bermuda triangle, not a career site. Acknowledge when you receive the email, if you have the information about whether you are going to consider them or not, let them know that too. Communication is a key pillar to candidate experience.

Creating a careers website dos and donts Creating a careers website dos and donts


Keep it crisp, like a potato chip. 

Be to the point and clear with the information you are sharing. One look at your page, and they should be able to tell what’s where and consume the necessary information quickly. Avoid content-heavy pages. Keep them fun and lively. 

Creating a career site the dos and donts Creating a career site the dos and donts