Why is it increasingly difficult to find talent?

Competition in the educational and professional spheres is skyrocketing. This has given recruiters a wider pool of candidates to hire from. However, that also makes the task of reaching out to the right prospective candidates, attracting their attention, and scanning for the desired qualities in each candidate even more difficult. Talent acquisition has, as a result, become an important aspect in the field of Human Resources.

In today's day and age, traditionally tried and tested methods of recruitment such as simply advertising your listing in a 'Classifieds' section are not enough to land on appropriate candidates. As HR tech is advancing, so are tools of hiring and recruitment. Let us look at some recruiting tools to find candidates and techniques that can be implemented to attract the right resources and recruit exceptional talent.

How has the candidate sourcing landscape changed?

Finding candidates - The Digital Conundrum

Sourcing candidates by getting the right people's attention has always been an issue. However, it has never been so acute as it is now, mainly in the face of an exceptionally distracting world. Humans are exposed to a vast amount of information daily, and the statistics show that the contribution to this noise from social media is extraordinary. Twitter generates 500 million tweets per day; Facebook will have 300 million photos uploaded in the same time frame. On LinkedIn, 130,000 long-form content, in the form of articles, are published every day. The job portal alone has more than 15 million open positions.

Growing relationship

The growth of a direct relationship between recruiters and candidates, facilitated by social media and LinkedIn in particular, has driven significant structural changes in recruitment. Over the last ten years, there has also been a dramatic rise in the number of companies bringing recruitment in-house. Both MNCs and start-ups are seeing massive benefits from taking more control over their recruitment by building their in-house team of specialized recruiters who can connect with candidates on various platforms on a one-on-one basis. 

As organizations seek to upscale, the number of employees to be hired rises. Massive recruitment drives can strain precious HR resources. HR recruitment software like Freshteam' can perform periodic hiring functions and streamline the entire process. These tools also make for better funneling of prospect candidates that meet specific organizational requirements.  

Move to Modern Sourcing Tools

Corporate careers sites also have a conversion issue. Research from Phenom People showed that only 4% of the visitors to a corporate careers site actually go on to apply for a role. The need of the hour is a candidate management system like ATS that manages the entire recruitment process. A poor ATS experience (outdated systems) has also contributed to this growing problem of lack of candidate engagement. Unfortunately, the evolution of ATS has not kept pace with the ever-growing sophistication of present-day recruitment tools.   

The benefits of an all-round ATS are:

Freshteam brings together all of these features in a powerful, intuitive, and modern outlook to help you optimize hiring and find the best resources.   

Targeted Job Searches  

Job postings are still the primary currency of recruitment marketing. As the number of channels to reach potential talent has grown, so has the potential to distribute them to a larger audience. Unfortunately, job postings distributed via social media and job portals can be ineffective. They are often delivered without context and aren't necessarily appropriate in format or keeping with the audience's expectations. These postings are not optimized for the nuances of the individual platforms in any way and can have minimal visibility.

Here are few ways to do it right:

As the competition for talent intensifies, using the right online sourcing tools can be the most helpful way of hiring top people consistently. Freshteam's recruitment software helps publish a listing about an open job on all portals with just a single click. It creates an organized repository of candidate information accessible in one place while also making data accessible to HR personnel in an informative and insightful way.

Increasing Employer Brand Awareness

A study by Harvard Business Review indicates that 69 percent of job seekers would not consider an offer from a business with a bad reputation – even if they were unemployed. The concept of employer brand is not new. Nonetheless, it plays a critical role in how an organization is perceived in the jobs market and whether an employer is looked at favorably by prospective talent. While this concept has changed little over the years, the influencing factors and channels of communication have shifted radically. 

That said, digital communication channels have an increasing number of options, which means that businesses need to be creative in identifying all opportunities to better their brand's presence. After all, brand perception is a crucial factor influencing a job seeker's impression of a company they would like to work for. 

HR Technology Evolution

Over the last decade, there has been a gradual evolution in line with the development of the sophistication of the digital landscape as a whole. Employers have always been particularly slow to adopt emerging techniques. Still, gradually candidate screening software and other recruitment tools have crept into recruiting as a way of getting a competitive advantage in the war of talent. 
What is happening now is an increasing pace of evolution driven by social media, mobile internet, and an explosion of innovation in the HR tech sector. The last five years have also seen LinkedIn go from a site with a restricted audience of tech professionals to a global powerhouse and mass-market recruitment platform. Employers can now be more proactive and target the talent they want directly, even if those people are not currently looking for jobs. And tools like Freshworks' Recruitment Management System and HR recruitment software are helping make this easier.

How Freshteam Finds Exceptional Talent


Career Site Management: With Freshteam’s tools in hand to build and customize your firm’s careers site, don’t just list the offers, invite the potential candidate to your firm.

career site in freshteam career site in freshteam


Multi-channel Integration: Post the Job Offers on various sourcing channels and track them from within your portal with ease. With Social Recruitment Software, along with reaching more people on different channels, you also do not miss out on any applications coming in.

social recruiting in freshteam social recruiting in freshteam


Job Description Templates: Increasing the speed and efficiency of your hiring process helps you handle your communication loop without any hassle. Freshteam also gives you 50+ Job Description templates thereby saving the recruitment team a lot of time.

job description in freshteam job description in freshteam


Recruitment management system (RMS): Keeping track of applications is extremely important. Efficiently managing the applications increases your chances of getting the best talent out there. Freshteam’s RMS tools help you ask the right questions, gather feedback and handle hiring stages better.

interview process in freshteam interview process in freshteam


Customized workflows: The number of hiring steps or stages, level of experience required, and other aspects of hiring depends on the job. Freshteam allows you to create customised workflows for each job.

workflow automation in freshteam workflow automation in freshteam

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