Posting a job opening on job boards is a crucial step in the process of discovering and attracting relevant candidates. While some of the popular job boards are quite useful for all kinds of roles, there are some specific job boards specific to the industry, job function, and region. With all this, a recruiter usually has to post a typical job across 10-12 job boards to attract enough qualified candidates to build a healthy recruitment pipeline.

This is indeed a time-consuming and repetitive process. What if you as a recruiter could post a job opening on multiple job boards at once, in a single click? Imagine the amount of time it will save you so that you can kickstart the candidate evaluation process much faster. Thanks to modern recruitment-automation solutions like Freshteam, it is easy to set this up in a matter of minutes. Here's how you can post to multiple job boards in one shot:

linkedin-free-job-posting-freshteam linkedin-free-job-posting-freshteam

1. Sign up for Freshteam

Sign up for Freshteam here (Note: To post on job boards, you must sign up under one among Growth, Pro, or Enterprise plans)

2. Create a job posting on Freshteam

Go to the Recruitment section → Recruit → Add Job Posting (on the top right)

step 1 step 1

3. Step 3: Add the job details 

In the window that opens up, fill in all the details of the job posting including the job title and description (Freshteam has numerous in-built Job Description templates that you can choose from. You can start with a template and edit it as per your needs)

step 2 step 2

4. Publish your job to your career site

Time to publish your job! Once you are ready for your job to go live, click on ‘Publish’. This makes your job ‘live’ on your career site and on your employee portal.

step 3 step 3

5. Go to the Job boards section in Job details

Select ‘Post to Free Job Boards’ in the screen above and you will get an option to publish your job opening with a single click to LinkedIn and multiple other job boards for free since Freshteam is a proud partner to premium job boards like LinkedIn, Adzuna, Glassdoor and ZipRecruiter.

Job boards section Job boards section

6. Publish the jobs to the desired job boards

Choose the Job boards that you would like the job to be published on and be ready for the applications to pour in. Freshteam also makes it easy to shortlist candidates you like by moving them to the next stage or moving good candidates who are not a fit for the current job opening to the talent pool.

Publish to job boards Publish to job boards

Interested in posting on a single job board instead? Do that for free.

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