What does automated reporting for candidate sourcing look like?

No manual tracking, scheduling, or cleaning up data to generate reports that make sense and offer insights. Like bread from the toaster, they just pop out when it’s time.

Set up time: 10 minutes (+ an additional one minute for signing up if you are not a Freshteam user already.)

Time saved per month: At least 20 hours.

How do Freshteam’s automated candidate sourcing reports and insights enhance your sourcing efficiency?

They will transform your sourcing! 

You will gain clarity about what’s happening in your sourcing process and be in a better position to make decisions that will lead to hiring success.

The automated reports from Freshteam make vital information available on time, or in fact at the earliest, making it possible to take corrective actions before it’s too late. It eliminates all kinds of manual tracking, documenting, and reporting. You don’t even have to stretch into the night right before your meeting days to make the data presentable because Freshteam offers you highly effective visuals - charts and graphs!

In addition to all this, you can even schedule the reports to automatically be sent to all the stakeholders at periodic intervals for review.

The Freshteam library of reports has a lot more insightful reports such as top referring employees, total candidates by source, total candidates by source category, candidate funnel status, the total number of active jobs, and so on.