What does automatic email sending look like with Freshteam?

You can configure simple automation to send out emails based on events/actions that take place in the process, with Freshteam Hiring automation software.

For instance, let’s say you send out 3 emails every time you set up an interview - one to the candidate, another to the interviewers, and another to the admin team - once you set up automation with Freshteam, you don’t have to write or stress over notifying stakeholders, Freshteam notifies them automatically if an interview is scheduled.

Setup time: Takes less than a minute for each automation.

Time saved per week: 15 - 20 hours! 

Here's an example of simple automation that will automatically send out feedback emails to rejected candidates:

ft screenshot automation idea bank 01 1 ft screenshot automation idea bank 01 1

What’s the advantage of automating communication control?

Improves recruiting productivity - Transactional communication eats into the recruiter’s focus and time. Automating it frees them up to do more significant and impactful hiring tasks.

No room for manual errors - Often candidates slip through the cracks due to manual errors in following up, documenting, or notifying people, etc. With Freshteam automation, there is no room for manual errors, and automated communication functions like a well-oiled machine.

Enhances candidate experience - Timely communication impacts candidate experience positively. Candidates feel valued, show involvement, and respond better with a good communication process in place. It undoubtedly elevates your brand as an employer.