What are employee absence reports?

Employee absence reports reveal the reasons and trends in employee absence, helping identify where intervention are necessary! 


What is the significance of Employee absence reports?

Employee absence trends are an important indicator of productivity, employee morale, employee wellness, employee engagement, and employee delight. It directly impacts work, people, and culture! Employee absence reports enable organizations to visualize the absence trends running in their teams and narrow down on the reasons behind them.

Timely action on absence trends reports can boost employee morale and create a culture of happiness and innovation rooted in wellness and delight.


Employee absence reports on Freshteam

How to act on the employee absence reports?

Identify and act on abnormal employee absence trends - You may notice abnormal trends in a particular location or a season or a specific quarter, understand why it’s happening, and take corrective actions. Your corrective actions could be anything ranging from reducing stress in the workplace, introducing wellness programs, to having objective conversations with employees geared toward good solutions. Start by first creating a solid time off policy and then follow it up with tracking time off.