What are canned responses in recruiting?

Canned responses are pre-configured emails that recruiters can reuse instead of drafting repetitive emails every day.

Recruiters have to send out tons of emails each day - to contact candidates, inform them about interviews or interview results, coordinate with the hiring team, follow up, send reminders, and so on.

Most of these tasks are repetitive, yet critical, or even the very fulcrum of the process. Recruiters hence spend a lot of time ensuring that the right information reaches the right stakeholders at the right time.

Freshteam HR automation software enables recruiters to automate these repetitive emails. Here are some examples of repetitive emails that recruiters send each day:

What do canned responses look like in Freshteam?

Setup time: Just the time you take to write one email.

Time saved per week: Many many hours!

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A library of canned responses on Freshteam HR automation software

What’s the advantage of using canned responses?

Reduces recruiter’s burden - For the next thousands of emails, you will now simply be choosing from a well-built list of email templates in seconds, instead of sweating over drafting emails from scratch.

Ability to personalize - Freshteam offers placeholders for candidate name, email, job title, job location, and more. This makes personalization a piece of cake. All you have to do is drag and drop these placeholders wherever you’d like to use them in your canned responses.

Send emails automatically when an event occurs - Freshteam not only enables you to build a compact library of possible canned responses but equips you to do something more fantastic - set up automation which emails the right people at the right time based on an event or action in the process.