What is automatic streamlining of communication? 

All conversations pertaining to a candidate are tracked, categorized, and automatically brought under one roof on Freshteam, making it easy for recruiters to read and gain context or follow up!

What does automatic streamlining of communication with Freshteam look like?

Answer: A candidate 360 profile!

Setup Time: Zero! This automation is available by default on Freshteam.

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Candidate 360 profile on Freshteam 

What’s the advantage of automatically streamlined communication?

Gain quick context on a candidate - All information about a candidate is available to you on a one-screen view - resumes, interviews scheduled, interviews conducted, feedback from interviewers, conversation history, any tasks that were given to them as a part of the hiring process, and a quick timeline of interactions or events.

Enhance remote collaboration and avoid relaying communication - All information is available in one place - for the whole hiring team to view and act on, recruiters don’t need to manually relay information from one team member to another, for example, from one interviewer to another.

Pro tip: Freshteam also enables team members to communicate privately about a candidate through private comments. There is provision for both public and private discussion on the candidate profile.

Communicate better within the hiring team - For two reasons candidates’ 360 profiles enhance communication within the hiring team a) since it happens in one place, it’s easy to keep track for everyone 2) the scorecards, comments, and notes option, help have more objective and unbiased discussions about hiring.