Why is automated job distribution significant to hiring success?

One of the biggest challenges at the sourcing stage of the hiring process for recruiters is distributing job ads and tracking action on the job ads by logging in to different platforms. Recruiters spend up to 30 hours every week just sourcing new candidates, most of which is spent on inefficient job distribution.
Automated job distribution helps sourcing teams improve their sourcing productivity. You can post jobs to multiple channels in a single click, and track all further actions through one single interface - Freshteam HR automation software.

What does automated job distribution look like?

Setup time: 10 minutes (Given you have an account with the job boards already)
Time saved per week: Up to 25+ hours

Seamless integrations with Job boards Seamless integrations with Job boards

Starts with seamless integrations with your favorite job boards.

What’s the advantage of automating job distribution?

Reduces 10+ interfaces to one

Recruiters can post and manage jobs on multiple major job boards like Adzuna, LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, and ZipRecruiter through one single interface. To top it, all the incoming candidates flow automatically into one system with the right source attributes. Similarly, you can also distribute your jobs to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter in a single click.

Shorter time to hire

You can reach a wider pool of talent at least 10 times faster by automating job distribution. This gives you a boost on hiring metrics - it reduces the time required to fill open positions, and gives you an advantage, especially while hiring for business-critical roles.

Effortless edits

You don’t have to manually edit on multiple platforms when you need to update details on the job description. Edit it on Freshteam, and the edits will be synced across all the other job board platforms

One screen view of the entire sourcing process

Open jobs, updates from job boards, profiles of the candidates who have applied to the jobs, comments from hiring managers or teammates, candidate conversation history - you can view them all from one powerful software.

An ever growing, robust talent pool

As you amplify the reach of your job ads, you will discover exceptional profiles more frequently. If they don’t fit current open roles, you can save such favorite profiles for later, gradually building a reliable talent pool of your own. When new positions open up, you know where to look and who to rope in.

Smart sourcing reports and insights

Numbers are heard louder than words, especially in meeting rooms. With Freshteam’s automatically generated sourcing reports, get simple, actionable, and intelligent insights into which job boards are working for you in terms of cost, quality, time to hire, and more