What is automatic source attribution? 

When a candidate profile falls into your Freshteam hiring automation software, it automatically starts tracking the source through which the candidate entered the system. No manual tracking or setup is involved.

What does automatic source attribution with Freshteam look like?

This automation is available by default on Freshteam. There is no separate setup time involved in setting up the source attribution tracking, yet you save a lot of time and effort that is otherwise spent tracking and documenting where your candidates are coming from.

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What’s the advantage of automatic source attribution?

Easy attribution to the source

Whether it’s evaluating a source, rightly attributing a candidate to a source (vendors, job boards, etc.), or tracking for incentive purposes, automatic tracking makes source attribution accurate and simple.

Source-based candidate treatment

You can personalize the interview process for candidates based on the source they are coming from. For example, you can advance all applications from employee referrals to a written test automatically.

Generate custom reports

Use the source attribution parameters to generate customized reports on Freshteam for a better understanding of your sourcing process.