What’s automated condition-based candidate screening?

In Freshteam, you can set up automation to check if a condition is true or false for a candidate, and then automatically execute an action on the candidate profile. For example, if you set up an automation to screen for candidates with 5 years of experience, it will check the value in the experience field of the candidate profile. If the value is 5, it will advance the candidate to the next stage. If not, it rejects them or adds them to the talent pool.

What does condition-based candidate screening look like with Freshteam?

Setup time: 10 minutes (+ an additional one minute for signing up if you are not a Freshteam user already.)

Time saved per week: Up to 25+ hours

What’s the advantage of condition-based candidate screening?

You can use Freshteam HR automation software to screen applicants based on test scores, candidate source, years of experience, university, former employers, location of residence, and so on. The list is just endless.