A quick definition, Pre-assessment tests: 

Pre-assessment tests are a quick way to gather details about a candidate's skills or abilities using an objective and unbiased way of gathering information. They help speed up the hiring process by automating screening for high volumes of resumes and cutting down on face-to-face interview time.

Screening candidates with pre-assessment tests on Freshteam

Setup time: 2 minutes (+ an additional one minute for signing up if you are not a Freshteam user already, +2 minutes to integrate with the pre-assessment test providers like HackerRank, HackerEarth, ClassMarker, or Codility via Freshteam).

Time saved per job: You will save at least 20+ interview hours per job.

Here is an example: this simple automation will automatically send out a pre-assessment test to candidates when they reach the first tech interview round.

Automate candidate screening with pre-assessment tests. Automate candidate screening with pre-assessment tests.

What's the advantage of automating screening with pre-assessment test providers?