Why does your small business need HR Software?

Some challenges are common to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses, with their limited employee size, find it particularly difficult to handle them. Here’s how HR software can take care of those challenges with ease:

When should your small business use HR Software:

Many small businesses hesitate to invest in HR software, and some rightly so. This is because they might not spend as much time on HR/admin tasks or recruitment. However, in most other cases, one stands to gain more from such an investment than not. For instance, a small business that is hiring aggressively would need a dedicated HR team, along with an efficient system that can take care of the recruitment process. Here are 4 signs that tell you to invest in HR Software:

Choosing The Right HR Software For Your Small Business

Key Features in Small business HR Software:

Further, you can look for PTO management, HR reports, performance management, and other additional features too. 

          Here’s how Freshteam HR Software can help

Hiring becomes seamless

Right from candidate sourcing till sending an offer letter to the candidate, Freshteam will take care of all the processes, giving you more time to focus on providing an exceptional hiring experience to the candidates.

Best HR software for small business - seamless hiring

Provide a delightful onboarding experience

Don’t let the new hires feel clueless on their first day. With Freshteam onboarding, get started with all the paperworks and e-signatures the moment they accept the offer. Now, your new hire can spend their first day learning about their job responsibilities and socialising with the team.

Best HR software for small business - onboarding

Employee data at your fingertips

Next time, when an employee needs to change their address or update their phone number, they can do it directly using the employee self-service platform, without having to talk to the HR team. Everything gets done in a matter of seconds.

Best HR software for small business - Employee data

Bring all your documents in one place

Don’t run helter-skelter with paperwork. Freshteam will save all the documents under one roof. Employment contract, payslips, benefits, and similar documents will be saved under the individual employee’s profile, making it accessible to both the employees and the HR team.

Best HR software for small business - No paperwork

Stay on top of the Time-off

Let your employees know about your time-off policy and let them apply for time-offs in a single click. With time-off approvals and time-off reports, managers can plan the team's workflow in a better manner as well as act on absenteeism trends if they are a cause for concern.

Best HR software for small business - Time-off policy

Keep a hawk's eye on the HR reports

Numbers don’t lie. With curated and customizable reports, you can always know how your hiring process is faring. Learn which job board is more efficient, which recruiter did the highest number of interviews, which team hired the most, and a lot more. 

Best HR software for small business - Customized reports

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