What is HR Software?

HR Software or Human Resource software is an online cloud-based application that automates and streamlines day-to-day HR processes. From managing and updating employee records, attendance tracking, to getting insightful HR reports, HR Software takes care of a bunch of manual tasks, saving time, money, and paper. HR teams can now focus on the most important asset of the organization; people and their development. 


The top 5 reasons you need HR Software:

There are multiple benefits in using HR Software solutions, some of them are;

Types of HR Software Solutions:

There’s no one size fits all scenario when it comes to HR Software solutions. Some might help you with applicant tracking and onboarding, while others take care of employee management, time off and HR reporting. Here are some types of HR Software that can help you achieve your HR goals with ease:

Features to look for in HR Software:

Companies who use HR Software:

There are broadly three types of businesses who use HR Software: 

          Here’s how Freshteam HR Software can help

Capture and update employee information with ease

With customizable forms, collect all the necessary information from your employees, so that you remain compliant with all federal regulations. With employee self service, your employees can themselves update their information whenever they want to, without relying on the HR team.  


One stop shop for all your employee documentation

While Freshteam onboarding will help you get all the employee contracts e-signed, the document management system in Freshteam will store all the documents in the employee profile; making it easy for employees and the HR team to access them. 


Better insights with HR reports

With curated and customized reports, make data-driven decisions for your organization. Learn which hiring platform is more effective, where do candidates drop the most in the hiring pipeline, Who is the best interviewer and so on.


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