What is the best way to post a job on Indeed?

Via Freshteam! Especially, if you are a first-time Indeed user because you get $100 worth of free Indeed credits for sponsoring your free jobs. 

But there are other smart and compelling reasons:

  • Freshteam ATS is to Job boards as Buffer is to social media. You can publish and manage jobs on multiple job boards such as LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, Adzuna, Glassdoor, FB jobs and Neuvoo via Freshteam, without logging into each platform.

  • You no longer have to pay for job boards. Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn and a host of other job boards come free for Freshteam users. 

  • All applications fall into the ATS as candidate profiles automatically that can be shared, discussed and rated.

  • Job boards are just the tip of the blessing-iceberg! Freshteam helps you handle the entire recruitment process on one software - sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, feedback gathering, rolling out offers until the new hire onboards.

  • 8000+ businesses trust Freshteam for sourcing and recruiting, you’ll be in good company.

How to post a job on Indeed for free How to post a job on Indeed for free

How to post free jobs on Indeed?

Step 1: Create a free employer account on Indeed.

Step 2: Sign up here for Freshteam. It will take you less than a minute.
Note: While signing up, pick the Growth, Pro or Enterprise plans to use the job board integrations. Open Freshteam in a separate tab so you can do as you read.

Step 3: Integrate your Indeed account with Freshteam (Just a one-time setup.)

Indeed free job posting Indeed free job posting
how to post a job on indeed for free how to post a job on indeed for free

Step 4: Creating your first job via Freshteam

how to post free jobs on indeed how to post free jobs on indeed

 Step 5: [Optional] Post your job to the major free job boards

After you publish your job to the career portal, you’ll notice the below message with the option to publish the job to free job boards. 

free job posting on Indeed free job posting on Indeed

If you’d like to post to other free job boards such as Adzuna, Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, FB jobs, etc you can click ‘post to free job boards’ and switch the toggle against them to publish.

Step 6: Publishing to Indeed

free job posting indeed free job posting indeed
how to post jobs on indeed for free how to post jobs on indeed for free

You’re done! Now when candidates apply, they will automatically start appearing against your jobs in the recruit section. 


How to post jobs on Indeed without sponsoring?

You can use Freshteam to post jobs on Indeed. If you're a first-time Indeed user, you will get $100 worth Indeed credits (for free!) for sponsoring your jobs. Sponsored jobs are paid postings that appear at the top and end of Indeed job search results. This increases the chances to attract better quality candidates as sponsored job postings get 5x more clicks than the organically listed jobs.

How many free jobs can I post on Indeed?

You can post unlimited free job postings on Indeed via Freshteam. The sky is the limit - or the maximum number of job openings you have. There is a limit only for sponsored jobs for which you can use the free credits and thereafter, increase your budget as per your needs. You can post your career portal links in the free job posting category while for sponsored, you pay per impression.

What does 'post without budget' mean on Indeed? 

Once you've set up your job ad and are about to publish it, you will have two options. One, to post with budget and the other 'post without budget'. When you choose the latter, your job post will appear in the organic search results on Indeed. However, you may modify it to be a sponsored job post later. Indeed tells you how many applications to expect under paid and free options.

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