What is job description management software?

A job description management system enables recruiting teams to build, manage and store job descriptions efficiently. It helps speed up the process of finding the ‘right’ talent in the market by reducing the time taken to write the perfect job descriptions. 

When you are hiring for multiple roles across different departments, writing and managing job descriptions, and maintaining a consistent style and standard across the hiring teams can be challenging. Job description management software centralizes the process, removing any ineffectiveness and administrative burnout there is. It elevates the whole talent acquisition process by optimizing the way jobs are written, distributed, and tracked.

Freshteam Job Description Management Software Freshteam Job Description Management Software

The benefits of using a job description management software

Businesses should use a job description management software to:

Job description management software offers in-built job description templates which simplify the process of creating job descriptions. You can just grab an inbuilt job description template and use it or modify it if necessary.

If multiple teams in the organization are hiring for the same role but use different job descriptions, it might confuse prospective candidates. It might even dilute the voice of your employer's brand. Job description management software help maintains consistency in how job descriptions are written and enables recruiters to refer to the job descriptions of similar roles while drafting one.

You source for hundreds of roles each year, for different managers, and for different departments. As a result, you write lots of job descriptions. With a simple tool to save them in one place, you can reuse and organize them better.

Since all job descriptions are stored in one place, you can quickly refer to other job descriptions across the organization for similar roles to ensure the requirements, responsibilities, and pay, are all aligned and without discrepancies.

As soon as you have a job description ready, you can publish it to multiple job boards such as Adzuna, LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and more in a single click with job description management software. It removes the strain of having to manually post the jobs to each job board.

 When candidates apply to your jobs after they see your job descriptions, they are automatically tracked throughout the hiring process until they are either hired or rejected. Job description management software also empowers you with pipeline reports that can reveal the quality of candidates your job descriptions are attracting and in retrospect, you can optimize your job descriptions for your ideal candidates.


Features of job description management software 

Performing job analysis and writing job descriptions take up a huge chunk of a recruiter’s time. Inbuilt templates make the job easier and reduce the time to hire. You can either use the templates as they are or modify them to suit the unique needs of your organization. 

One of the most important features to look for in your job description management software is the ability to post, edit and manage jobs on multiple job boards through one straightforward interface. This feature is key to reducing your recruiter’s administrative burden and boosting their recruiting productivity.

Every job is different. A company may be looking to hire its own employees for a new role, or from outside the org, or through referrals. Your job description management software should allow you to post a job and define the scope - public, private, and internal. For example, if a company is planning to hire internally, then the job post can be marked as ‘internal’.

Today’s recruitment marketing includes multiple channels in addition to job boards such as career site, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on. Modern job description management software empowers recruiters to set up a career site in less than 10 minutes and leverage the power of social recruiting effortlessly by publishing to them at the comfort of one software.

One other feature to look for is the ability to sync edits to all platforms your job description is published on. We all spot those last few changes to make only after a job is published, and when that happens, you want a system that makes edits easy and automatically syncs the edit across platforms.

In addition to asking for resumes on your job advertisement, you can also add custom forms to collect vital candidate information that can simplify and speed up hiring. For example, if you would like to filter applications based on a candidate’s working visa status, you could include a short form that requests for such details.

Why people choose Freshteam 

 Freshteam’s pleasant UI makes it easy to quickly learn and start using the product. To begin with, it offers a field-by-field template to build job descriptions, making the effort seem breezy.

A team of champions who will always go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need to keep your hiring engine running without hiccups! You will have to try really hard to not fall in love with them.

Freshteam starts at $0 for companies with up to 50 users. As you grow, the pricing remains affordable. The pricing is transparent with no hidden costs. You can look up the pricing plans right here.