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Account Executive

We are looking for a competent Account Executive to find business opportunities and manage customer relationships. We expect you to be a reliable professional able to achieve balance between customer orientation and a results-driven approach.

The goal is to find opportunities and turn them in long-term profitable relationships based on trust and mutual satisfaction. The ideal candidate will have talent in sales and experience in customer service.

Accounting Industry

The field of accounting involves the processing and documenting of financial information about corporations and businesses.

What to expect from the role

  • Hands-on experience with auditing, journal entry, sales cycle and goal-setting.
  • Exposure to accounting processes, client servicing, etc.
  • Learning how to organize, multitask and manage time.
  • Learn on the job regarding the best practices in accounting.
  • Exposure to the field of accounting and its various responsibilities.


  • Provide detailed business plans to facilitate the attainment of goals and quotas
  • Manage the entire sales cycle, from establishing a customer contact till signing a deal
  • Find new sales opportunities and turn them into long term partnerships
  • Demo/ present products to prospective clients
  • Provide professional after-sales support to enhance the customers’ dedication
  • Remain in frequent contact with the clients in your responsibility to understand their needs
  • Respond to complaints and resolve issues aiming to customer contentment and the preservation of the company’s reputation
  • Negotiate agreements and keep records of sales and data


  • Proven experience as an Account Executive, or in other sales/customer service role
  • Knowledge of market research, sales and negotiating principles
  • Fluency in MS Office; knowledge of CRM software is a plus
  • Excellent communication/presentation skills and ability to build relationships
  • Organizational and time-management skills. Enthusiastic and passionate
  • BSc or BA in business administration, sales or marketing

Average Salary

The average salary per annum for an Account Executive is $71,263.

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Career Path

Account Executive is an entry to an intermediate level job. It is the role responsible for helping with the auditing process, provide client support and understand requirements between the client and the company. It also includes tasks like searching for new client opportunities and negotiate on behalf of the company. Here are a few steps you can take towards this job:

  • A bachelor's degree in business administration, accounting, finance, or related field preferred
  • Masters and further training in similar fields.
  • 3+ years of experience in the field of accounting.

Career Progression

With appropriate experience in this job role you can progress to other jobs in the field of accounting:

  • Auditor
  • Senior Accountant
  • Tax Accountant
  • Assistant Account Manager

Sample Questions

  • Why did you choose a job in accounting?

  • What qualities do you have will help you with this job?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Human Resources
  • What prior experience do you have in this field?

  • How soon can you start and how long do you wish to work?

  • Are you comfortable working overtime?

  • How will you handle a disgruntled client?

  • How would you organise multiple deadlines?

  • Are you good with multitasking and organising?

Technical skills and knowledge
  • What do you do when you notice mismatching numbers?

  • What is the best way to identify new customers in the market and how to approach them?

  • Describe the steps that go into journal entry.