HRMS Job Descriptions Brand Manager

Brand Manager

Our Brand Manager position has opened up and we are looking to fill it with an enthusiastic and experienced person capable of positioning our brand excellently in the market. You should be someone familiar with marketing strategies and branding. You should know how to analyze the market, the brand, and know-how to position it in a way we build as a brand. If all this seems challenging enough and if you are up for it, apply. 

Marketing Industry 

The marketing department of a company handles the promotion and building of the brand among its target audience and in the market, it is part of. Marketing is done through promotions, advertising, direct or personal marketing, emails, and more. The field has a lot of job opportunities and future scope. 


  • Research the brand’s position and image in the market. 

  • Analyze the consumers and target audience to understand the vision of the brand. 

  • Come up with marketing strategies that bring out our brand’s image effectively. 

  • Monitor and manage all the teams involved in the branding. 

  • Lead the design and creative team to get marketing materials done. 

  • Form the budget and oversee the campaigns to ensure they happen within budget. 

  • Monitor, measure, and report on performing each campaign. 

  • Gather feedback and better the strategies based on them. 

  • Observe the different marketing campaigns and advertising in the market to identify one for the brand. 

  • Record consumer feedback and communicate with them to understand the requirements. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in the Marketing field. Masters would be preferred. 

  • 3-6 years of experience working in Branding Communication. 

  • Ability to develop marketing campaigns and branding messages. 

  • Proven ability to identify and research the target audience and market area. 

  • Good understanding of the marketing mix. 

  • A creative mind with excellent analytical skills. 

  • Experienced in handling data-driven research and projects. 

  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills. 

  • Stay on top of all the new trends in the market.

Average Salary 

The average salary per annum is $69,831.

brand manager brand manager

Career Path 

Brand Managers execute different strategies required to promote the brand in the market. They will lead the marketing associates and the assistant brand managers. The role requires leadership qualities with organizational skills. You also need: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing field. Masters would be preferred. 

  • 3-6 years of experience working in Branding Communication. 

Career Progression 

With years of experience, you will move to other roles like:

  • Senior Brand Manager 

  • Marketing Director 

  • Marketing Manager

Sample Questions 



  • Have you always wanted to be a manager, why?
  • What do you do in a routine without fail?
  • Is branding your dream career, why?

Human Resources


  • How would you feel about cutting down on salary for more perks?
  • Would you work with a younger person as a co-manager?
  • Would you maintain contacts of vendors and third-party associates if the need arises?



  • How do you improve or better your management skills?
  • Do you believe a poor manager can make branding bad, why?
  • How would you react if an idea you proposed goes bad, how will you handle the situation as a manager?

Technical Skills and Knowledge 

  • Say 5 ways through which you will improve our branding strategy?
  • Brand yourself and pitch to us. 
  • Rebrand our company and explain your changes.