HRMS Job Descriptions Business Analyst

Business Analyst

We would like to hire a business analyst for our company. We need someone with experience in the field and have done successful deals in their career path. As a Business Analyst of our company, you will liaison between our stakeholders to gather their requirements and our technical team to know their capabilities. As a successful business analyst, you should make them agree to terms and bring deals to close in a way they create profit for our company. 

IT and Development

The IT and Development department of a company maintains the systems and services in an organization. They are required to establish, maintain, and fix them regularly to keep them running. It is their responsibility to keep all systems and services up to date with growing trends and patterns. 


  • Communicate with our clients and stakeholders to understand their requirements. 

  • Define and present all the requirements of our company employees. 

  • Understand the capabilities of the company and try to bring the requirements within the same framework. 

  • Analyze business prospects and liaison between employees and prospects to close business deals. 

  • Conduct regular performance checks to maintain quality as expected. 

  • Maintain thorough documentation of all requirements and update them regularly. 

  • Alert new and altered requirements to the technical team. 

  • Integrate and build an excellent relationship with our partners and clients to negotiate effectively for the company. 

  • Work in the design, development, and maintenance of all system processes.

  • Keep updated reports on all technical issues and queries and constantly update them to the product team. 

  • Always look out for means to improve the product for the customer. 

  • Hustle and try to achieve customer satisfaction through on-time delivery and issue fixes. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT/ Computer Science
  • 3-5 years of experience as a Business Analyst / Systems Analyst / Quality Assurance Tester.

  • Familiar with reasoning and delivering requirements. 

  • Good at arriving at business-relevant conclusions and the ability to analyze data to achieve the same. 

  • Excellent knowledge of SQL and writing SQL queries. 

  • Good at developing and maintaining process documentation.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. 

  • Familiar with technical writing skills.

  • Must be someone with a problem-solving attitude. 

Average Salary

The average salary per annum is $77,915.

busin analyst busin analyst

Career Path

Business Analyst role requires you to have expertise in the technical part of a company. It also requires you to have excellent communication skills and the ability to make business with technology and make it profitable. Gain experience in the technology that you are going to make a business to be successful in this field. To become a Business Analyst one needs, 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in IT/ Computer Science

  • 3-5 years of experience as a Systems Analyst / Quality Assurance Tester.

Career Progression 

Upon gaining experience and expertise in the field/role, you can go on to other roles like, 

  • Business Analysis Manager

  • Relationship Manager

  • Business Architect

  • Subject Expert

Sample Questions


  • Have you been an excellent negotiator in personal life situations, explain?
  • How does your personality match with our company?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

Human Resources

  • Would you be okay with traveling often to meet clients?
  • Would you be okay with working with multiple teams?
  • Why are you quitting your previous job?


  • How would you manage a situation when both parties do not agree to the terms?
  • Share with us an experience when you handled a challenging situation in this role. 
  • How do you manage people from diverse backgrounds?

Technical Skills and Knowledge 

  • Explain the Feasibility Study. 
  • Describe Business Analysis Process flow. 
  • Explain the importance and uses of CATWOE.