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Call Centre Representative

We are looking for a Call Centre Representative to handle calls from customers and provide support to them in any way possible. You will be required to work in a time-bound environment and ensure that customer service is provided to its best quality. You are responsible for meeting personal and team targets as well as our customer satisfaction.

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Customer Service Industry

Customer services is a field which focuses on providing support and services for customers during the purchasing process.


  • Handle many inbound and outbound calls to customers and clients.
  • Identify the needs of customers, resolve issues, and provide solutions.
  • Upsell other products wherever possible.
  • Ensure you follow the customer service script provided by the company for uniformity.
  • Also, be well-read on company policies and the website for FAQs or policy related answers.
  • Maintain good customer relations.
  • Meet personal targets and work towards meeting team targets.
  • Maintain records of the conversations with the customer and analyze the data.
  • Write and submit timely reports on performance, targets, and customer queries.


  • Graduated high school, but a bachelor's degree in commerce or related fields is preferred.
  • Prior experience with customer service and call centers in relevant job roles.
  • Good knowledge of CRM practices and systems.
  • Customer-oriented attitude with professionalism.
  • Strong multitasking, time management, and target achieving skills.
  • Excellent communication and listening skills with good command over the English language.
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Average Salary

An average of $37,221 per annum.

customer service call centre representative

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Career Path

With appropriate experience in this job role, you can move onto other job roles in this field like:

  • Call Centre Manager
  • Call Centre Quality Assurance Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Team Captain

Sample Questions

  • What made you choose a career in customer service?

  • Describe an ideal day of work at a call center.

  • What quality of yours will add value to this job role?

Human Resources
  • How comfortable are you working with different departments across the company?

  • Would you be okay with working overtime?

  • What makes you think you’d be a good fit with our company culture?

  • How would you handle a customer making an unreasonable request?

  • Has there been a time a customer was angry but you diffuse the situation? Explain.

  • How will you ensure both personal and team goals were met?

Technical skills and knowledge
  • How have you handled disgruntled customers in the past?

  • How would you handle a customer making an unreasonable request?

  • How would you handle an agitated customer?