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Customer Service Representative

We are looking for a customer service representative who can interact with our customers and provide them with information to address inquiries regarding products and services. Also, you will have to deal with and help resolve any customer complaints.

Customer Service Industry

Customer services is a field which focuses on providing support and services for customers during the purchasing process.

What to expect from the role

  • Hands-on experience with support and guidance to potential customers.
  • Opportunity to practice and perfect customer service, sales, marketing, and effective communication.
  • Working with the guidance of professionals and seniors with many years of experience.
  • Exposure to the field of customer service and all its facets.


  • Attracting potential customers by answering product and service questions.
  • Suggesting information about other products and services.
  • Generating sales leads even if you aren’t directly involved with selling.
  • Answering telephone calls and transferring to appropriate departments based on their queries.
  • Recording account information, opening new accounts and maintaining accounts by updating information as and when necessary.
  • Resolving product or service problems by clarifying the customer's complaint after verifying its validity.
  • Determining customer’s issues, explaining the best possible solution, and ensuring it is being handled in compliance with the company’s guidelines and policies.
  • Maintaining financial accounts by processing customer adjustments.
  • Collecting and analyzing customer information, and filing documents and paperwork.
  • Send customers their replacement products or reverse erroneous fees.


  • Must be at least a high school graduate, but preferably have an undergraduate degree in marketing or similar fields.
  • Must be friendly and be customer oriented.
  • Strong communication skills accompanied with excellent listening skills and patience to have smooth interactions with customers either on call or in person
  • Thorough knowledge of the product or service being advertised.
  • Problem-solving and conflict resolution skills are a must.
  • Market knowledge is essential and must be updated on current affairs and trends.

Average Salary

On average $37,221 per annum.

The average salary of $10 per hour.

customer service customer service representative

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Career Path

Customer Service Representative is a job role that is for those with entry to intermediate level experience in the field. It is a job requiring you to handle inbound and outbound sales and support related phone calls with customers. It also includes tasks like meeting sales targets and analyzing customer information. To get a job as a customer service representative one must have:

  • At least a high school graduate, but preferably have an undergraduate degree in marketing or similar fields.
  • Completed the necessary vocational training in fields like sales, marketing, and communication.
  • 1-3 years experience in the field.

Career Progression

With the appropriate experience in the job role, you can move on to other related job roles in the field of customer service such as:

  • Customer Service Quality Assurance Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Customer Service Director

Sample Questions

  • What does customer service mean to you?

  • Do you believe in the phrase “The customer is always right”?

  • What quality of yours will add value to this job role?

Human Resources
  • How comfortable are you working with different departments across the company?

  • Would you be okay with working overtime?

  • What makes you think you’d be a good fit with our company culture?

  • Are you a team player or a lone worker?

  • How would you describe your management style?

  • How would you prioritize multiple calls and deadlines?

Technical skills and knowledge
  • How have you handled disgruntled customers in the past?

  • How would you handle a customer making an unreasonable request?

  • How would you handle an agitated customer?