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Interior Designer

We are looking for a creative interior designer to join our company and help provide our customers with unique and innovative spaces. You will be required to oversee a project from start to finish and ensure the clients' requirements are met. Your contribution will help enrich our company’s image and our customer satisfaction. This will drive our profits and growth.

Design Industry

The design industries cover many categories such as fashion, digital, spaces, and so on. Those who work in this industry focus on creating functional, aesthetic and economically viable plans to be implemented in their concerned fields.

What to expect from the role

  • Hands-on experience in overseeing interior design projects from start to finish.
  • Opportunity to plan finances and creating plans for the project.
  • Learning how to organize, multitask and manage time.
  • Exposure to the design industry and its various responsibilities.


  • Oversee a project from conceptualization and implementation to completion.
  • Discuss with the client to gauge requirements and incorporate them into the design plans.
  • Create an original and unique design plan for the customers.
  • Identify and present the project requirements and deliverables along with the design plan.
  • Plan the finances of the project and ensuring the plans stick to the budget.
  • Research and source the necessary materials to best implement the project plan.
  • Provide ‘samples’ and ‘options’ for the client to choose from.
  • Oversee the implementation of the project and monitor the progress.
  • Collaborate with other designers, decorators, carpenters, and technicians.
  • Keep up to date on the growing trends and best practices of the industry.


  • Bachelor's degree in interior design or any other relevant design field.
  • Vocational training and additional courses on design are a bonus.
  • Prior experience with designing interior spaces or design projects.
  • Proficient with design software like AutoCAD, 3D Max, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp and so on.
  • Creative and imaginative with a keen eye for details.
  • Excellent presentation, communication, and people skills.
  • Strong time management, organization and project management skills.

Average Salary

On average $62,926 per annum.

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Career Path

Interior Designer is an entry to an intermediate level job. In this job role, you have to conceptualize and implement designs up to completion. It also includes tasks like pitching ideas, creating drafts and collaborating with a team. It is a stepping stone if you are looking to make a career in design. Here are a few steps you can take towards this job role:

  • Bachelor's degree in interior design or any other relevant design field.
  • Masters degree in a similar discipline.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience with design projects and a good portfolio.

Career Progression

With enough experience in this job role, you can move onto other jobs in this field such as:

  • Other Design roles such as Lighting Designer, Kitchen Designer, Exhibition Designer.
  • Studio Manager
  • Creative Head

Sample Questions

  • Which designer’s work do you admire and which do you dislike? Why?

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • What kind of design projects do you like taking?

Human Resources
  • How comfortable are you working with different departments across the company?

  • Would you be okay with working overtime?

  • How would you approach and network with vendors?

  • What kind of design appeals to you, functional or aesthetic?

  • What would you do if a client kept rejecting your designs?

  • Describe a project of yours that succeeded in the past and tell us why you think so?

Technical skill and knowledge
  • Where do you see interior design going in the future?

  • How would you organize tasks for a renovation project?

  • How do you understand your clients' requirements?